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Victorians Day in Class 4

Class 4 had a Victorian Day. Mr Thompson and Mr Thompson Snr. came to spend the day with us and they taught us more about Victorians. We learned about the army and uniform and weapons. We found out about fashion and etiquette and some of us even got to dress up (including Mrs Brooks and Miss West!) We were challenged to set a table properly and Mr Thompson taught us about how to behave at a dinner party. We also learned about medicine and surgery and we had a look at some of the tools they would have used. We found out about death in the Victorian era . It was interesting to find out about other aspects of life in the Victorian era such as food that was eaten and new inventions. 


Sophia said, "My favourite bit was finding out about how people made their money and ways that they conned people!"

Clémentine said, "I really liked it when Mr Thompson taught us about surgery."

Lilia's favourite part was finding out about fashion because she was interested to find out that women wore seven different pieces of underclothing!"