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Tour of Britain Cycle Race Comes to Ilmington

Written by the children of Class 4. 

Wednesday 5th September started off as a normal day but that all changed after lunch time. Miss West told us that we were going to go to see the Tour of Britain cycle race come through Ilmington village. We hurried to the centre of the village just in time to see the speedy police motor bikes rushing down the road in front of us. After we saw a few bikes go past, a very kind man gave us some flags to wave to help us to cheer on the racers. The atmosphere was exciting and cheerful and the air was full of encouragement. There was a great crowd gathered nearby, celebrating with us. Shortly after that, we saw the team cars come by and gave them a wave. Soon, the participants of the race came whizzing rapidly past us. We felt great to be supporting the racers and able to cheer them on. Thank you to Mrs Brooks and Mrs Warmington for coming with us.