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The Robots are Coming...

Today, every child in school met Nao, the robot, and found out more about the world of robotics and programming. Every class spent time with Nao and we have learned so much from our 'wondering' about how he works.


Nao is a humanoid robot who can dance, sing, walk, play football and play games-just like us!  Class 4 wrote their own algorithms to program the robots that we had made out of Lego! We used an app on the iPads to control the robot remotely and even added sensors onto our robots so that they would react when they sensed movement.


Class 1 were lucky to meet Nao first and he stood up to introduce himself to the delight of everyone. He then asked the children to join him in singing ''The Wheels on the Bus' with actions! It was great fun. Nao also held hands and walked with one of our class and taught another one of us how to do Tai Chi! We played 'Guess the Sport', when Nao mimed an action, and he taught us the Gangnam Style dance! He also fell over and showed us how to get up!


Thank you to Sarah Fitzgerald for bringing her 'friend', Nao, into school - we certainly had lots of questions to ask and had a great time wondering!