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Storytelling Week

Storytelling Week in Class 1 began on Monday with the discovery of a half-eaten bowl of porridge! After much discussion about where it had come from and who it might belong to, it was decided that Goldilocks had been to visit. The telling of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears followed, story maps were carefully drawn and there was lots of acting out of the story. We also decided to tell the story using actions. This was so much fun that we shared it with the rest of the school during a special assembly this afternoon. One of our favourite parts of the week was sharing stories with our friends in our amazing story den which we all helped to create.


Class 2 have had fun orally retelling stories using actions and adding lots of expression to their voices and faces! We have retold the beginning, middle and end of the Great Fire of London story. Retelling the story helped Class 2 learn the facts about the huge fire that happened in London in 1666. Class 2 has also practised retelling the story of the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. Wearing character head bands and using lots of actions, the class retold the beginning, middle and end of this well-known rhyming story. For both stories, Class 2 had a go at recording the narratives in a written format. Once again we all had fun and enjoyed our learning.


Class 3 has spent Storytelling Week exploring the myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. We began by listening to the story and then ordered a series of illustrations from the story to show our understanding. We then drew our own story maps of the myth and created actions for each part of the story. After filming ourselves retelling the story, we hot-seated as a variety of the main characters; this helped us to think about the story from a character's perspective. Finally, we used our creativity to change one element of the story and rewrite it.


Storytelling Week kicked off spectacularly on Monday in Class 4. We found that stories are not only fun, but they also help us improve lots of skills, including writing, listening, drama and confidence. Jensen, Megan and Rhys led our Storytelling collective worship and were joined by the rest of Year 6 as storytellers when we shared a story, which we had learned together that morning ,with the rest of the school.


We have also been learning the story of Icarus as it is linked to our class text. Miss Angus taught us the story and we used different techniques to embed it. One of these was drawing story maps. We have been enjoying drama activities surrounding our story of Icarus: we ‘stepped the story out’ and came up with actions to help us to remember each step. We also had a chance to hot-seat with Icarus and Daedalus. Well done to the confident people who stepped into the shoes of the characters and answered our many questions! We have been using these drama experiences to put together diary entries from the points of view of the characters.


The week ended with a special assembly where each class shared something of what they had learned with the rest of the school.