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Professional Racing Driver visits school!

Children from across the school were so lucky on Monday afternoon to see a real racing car, and find out more about racing, from professional racing driver, Darren Turner (Lyla's dad).


Children in Class 4 were particularly fortunate as we spent an hour with Mr Turner. We are interested in finding about people's jobs as we think about what we might like to do when we are older. We were amazed at how many different jobs there are involved in a car racing team and appreciate how important every person in the team is, from the people who sit behind the computers, the people who design and make the cars and the people who sit in the driving seat. It was interesting to find out what it is actually like to be in a race and we were amazed at how clever the people are who design the clothing and safety gear (especially the cooling suit and comfortable seat moulds). It must be so tiring to work under such high temperatures and extreme conditions!


We were pleased to hear that being a racing driver takes lots of skills that we learn in school such as team work, concentration, multi-tasking, perseverance, reflection (thinking about your performance and how you could improve) and creative thinking. Mr Turner's visit has inspired us to have the courage to fulfil our dreams and aim high to reach our goals. 


Huge thanks to Mr Turner for talking to us and to the team at Aston Martin for bringing the car to school.