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Kingswood Colomendy Day 4

Class 4 has enjoyed a fabulous time in north Wales this week, with the aim of developing our teamwork, resilience and self-confidence. Our last day, on Wednesday, proved just as action-packed as all the rest and the dizzy heights of the Balance Beam proved a real thrill!


In all, over the four days, we had eighteen different activities to try out, many of them putting our courage to the test too; with names such as the ‘Leap of Faith’ and ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, you can see why! The activities we enjoyed all helped us to learn something new or develop our existing skills. We loved the first night campfire, where we learned a new song (with actions), which stayed with us for the whole time…  


Kingswood was such a fun residential trip. If I could, I would do it all over again! The instructors encouraged us to try new things and we had an amazing time.’ Megan


‘My favourite activity was laser blaster. It was the most exciting activity! I would definitely do it all over again!’ Ellie


‘Kingswood was a huge opportunity that Class 4 were very lucky to have. The activity leaders helped us to overcome our fears and to do things that we never dreamed of doing. It was great fun.’ Tilly