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Easter Craft

Thank you very much to the parents and grandparents who joined us for some Easter craft in Class 1 this morning.


The children really enjoyed sharing their classroom with their families.


Everyone seemed to have a suitably sticky time creating some fantastic eggs, baskets and daffodils, which the children will bring home next week.


"Really fun morning Easter crafting with Barney and his classmates - sticky and glittery fun!" Barney's Mum


"A lovely morning of sticking, colouring and cutting. Thank you!" Izzy's mum


"We had a fantastic morning making Easter crafts. We loved colouring the basket together." Georgie's Mum


"It's always so enjoyable spending time with Lucy in her classroom! Thank you." Lucy's Mum


" Fun morning spent with lots of glitter, glue and colouring. Loved creating Easter decorations with Lyla and her friends." Lyla's Mum