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Easter Craft in Class 1

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, siblings, PTA members and Governors who joined Reception for Easter Craft this morning.


The children really loved having so many visitors to cover with glue and sequins!


Lots of bright daffodils, sparkly eggs and colourful baskets were made together in a fantastic atmosphere.


Please look at more photos on our class page.


Thank you for the opportunity of coming and enjoying some craft activities with Benjamin. It was lovely to see him in his classroom with his friends. Benjamin's Mum


Lovely to see Sid in the classroom interacting with his peers. Great art activities. Thanks for having us. Sid's Mum


The most fun you can have on a Thursday morning! Thank you for having me in Class 1. Laura (PTA representative)


Thank you for a fun and sparkle filled morning. Great to see everyone together having fun. Theo's Mum


I had fun making things with my daddy. My Daddy did a wonderful drawing! Charlotte


I really enjoyed doing stuff with my sister. Finlay


I liked making the Easter egg with my Mummy. Phoebe