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Conservation Workshop

Yesterday, Class 3 children were fortunate to enjoy a workshop on ‘Getting to know Sharks’, led by Ben’s aunt, Laura, along with his cousin, Natalie. Their ‘back yard’ is the ocean as they live on a yacht and so their near neighbours are sharks. Laura helped the children to understand how vital sharks are to the ocean’s ecosystem and are key in controlling fish stocks. She referred to them as ‘the guardians of the ocean’ and aimed to dispel some of the negative myths surrounding sharks. The children did some work on the anatomy of a shark and also watched some fascinating, awe-inspiring video footage of Laura’s family spending time with these amazing creatures. Class 4 joined their peers for an assembly, which focused on educating the children on sharks which are native to our waters. We are so grateful to Laura for sharing her passion for sharks with our children and helping them to appreciate the importance of conservation – ‘protect the ocean, protect the world’.