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Class trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

On Tuesday, Class 3 visited the Birmingham Botanical Gardens as part of their topic work on rainforests. The exciting day out included a teaching session, an exploration of the tropical greenhouses and a fabulous Scavenger Hunt in the outside gardens.


Ella writes: “When we arrived, we had our own little rainforest room and a teacher called James told us about rainforests and he brought out some real life animals! We loved feeding and touching the animals. James showed us on his map where ring-tailed lemur monkeys come from, which is Madagascar.


Next we had our clipboards with about fifteen questions and pictures and we went into the tropical glasshouse to find all the flowers. After that, we went outside to search for lots of different things in the Scavenger Hunt. When we reached the end of the trail, we went on the adventure play park! Finally it was time to go back on the bus and everyone tried to go to sleep.”


A special thank you to the parents who accompanied us on our trip.