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Class 4's Gem Treat Baking Day

Once again, Class 4 filled their gem jar and so they had earned a gem treat. Miss West decided that it would be great fun to have a baking day! However, as this would mean a day spent off time table, the children had to persuade Mrs Ryninks that this was a worthwhile idea. They all wrote letters to Mrs Ryninks to convince her. On Monday, a reply was received and we were given the go-ahead!


The children researched their chosen recipes in groups and wrote a set of instructions for their recipes. They planned out their timetable for the day so that they would have enough time for each step. It was important that they worked out how much their ingredients would cost and how much their bread would cost per portion. Then it was time to bake! The children worked fantastically in their groups to produce their chosen type of bread- we had focaccia, French baguettes, raisin bread, olive bread, cranberry loaf, Mediterranean sundried tomato and olive loaf, bread sticks, chilli and cheese bread and brioche. The smell of freshly baking bread was wafting through the school- everyone was feeling envious! By the end of the day, everyone had made incredible bread and they had learned so much along the way. Of course the best part was the taste test! Well done, Class 4.