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Class 1 visit the MAD Museum!

Class 1 had an amazing time at the MAD Museum today!


We were met by Simon who explained that we needed to press buttons to make everything work in the museum. He showed us a couple of contraptions and then let us look around for ourselves. There were so many things to see (and so many buttons to press!) that we didn't know where to start.


Everyone wandered around, looking carefully at all the exciting exhibits. One of the most popular was the magnetic marble run. Everyone had a go at putting pieces of track on the wall and letting a marble go at the top. Some of the tracks took perseverance to complete as the marbles didn't always go where you expected them to!


Another favourite was a large contraption made of kitchen utensils. Some of us spent ages watching the balls travel round and round, discussing where they might go next.


When we got tired of investigating, there was a small cinema where we watched some much larger marble runs being made.


After two hours being mesmerised by invention after invention, we said goodbye and thank you to Simon (who gave us all a pencil and a rubber each) and made our way back to school. We then spent the afternoon trying to make our own contraptions!


Please look at even more photos of our amazing day on our class page.