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Year 2


Summer 2

Music making 

Science work - food chains and habitats

Mud hut models

Art work inspired by Esther Mahlangu

Our folded mini books are carefully placed in the capsule

Proudly showing their individual contributions to the Jubilee time capsule.

Just more teeth to add to this lever action crocodile 

Practical maths during DT work

Good ruler use 

Precise measuring in DT 

Finished pieces on display

Planning work and selecting the correct colour and texture

Working together in a group

Art work inspired by Eric Carle

Summer 1

Outdoor fun in the sun, with paint! 

Inspired by Eric Carle

Challenge - paint free hands and clothes. Achieved!

Mixing the colours enough to create the required effect

Team work

Exploring the multicoloured effect with mixed media

Large group pieces

Individual masterpieces

Great work capturing the style of the illustrator 

Year 1/2 perform their recorder pieces to parents

A taste of May Day 2022

(Hopefully more pictures to follow)

Jubilee celebrations - watching a recording of the Queens Coronation

History assembly - Class 2 present their work on Queen Victoria

Victorian Christmas display with factual baubles

Jubilee street party

Children share their history work with parents

Street party hats and flags made especially for the occasion


Spring Term  2

Here are just a few of the exciting things we have done this half term.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.

Investigating wheels and axles during Design Technology 

Counting vertices on 3D shapes

So many different wheel designs

 Dogs Trust visiting speaker

Sanding down the edges of our  wooden cuboids

Cutting square section timber to make the chassis for a fire engine


Making Easter cards for the family

 Precision work

Mrs Bird with Emily Violet popped in to see us

Reading comprehension 

Easter card construction

Pancake races were a lot of fun!

Spring Term 1

Week 7

Year Two have had the most fantastic final week of the half term!

In English, we finished reading 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'. We pretended to be Boxton the rat and wrote diary entries from his point of view. We then edited these diary entries and rewrote them in our best handwriting!


Week 6

Well done to our two Star Students this week. You have both had a fantastic week- well done!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2

This week we started our new text 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'. We thought about the questions that we had that we wanted answering from the book as well as making our own story predictions.

We then read the story together! We thought of questions that we would ask the main characters and then we had fun pretending to be the characters and giving our own answers!


In Maths, we moved from Multiplication and Division to Statistics. We started by looking at tally charts and then moved to pictograms.


In Topic, we researched the changes in fire safety and fire fighting since the Great Fire of London in 1666. We looked at how equipment and uniform has changed and why these changes were made. 

Week 5

Well done to our Star Students for this week!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2

We have had a fabulous time this week celebrating 'National Storytelling Week!'.

We started the week by creating our own story maps that we used to help retell the story aloud. We thought about our use of expression, action and volume when we are telling a story. Later on in the week, we wrote our own stories that we enjoyed retelling to the class.


In Maths, we have been practically sharing into groups of 2, 3, 4 and 5. We used these arrays to help us write our own division number sentences. We ended the week by investigating the relationship between multiplication and division. 

 We have continued with learning our times tables facts and continue to get better and better! Well done to some of this weeks Times Table Champions!


In History, we continued to learn about the Great Fire of London and what life would have been like in the 17th Century. We researched a range of jobs and considered their 2022 alternatives.

We had fun deciding if they were jobs that we would want to do!


We also had such an exciting time in Science this week! We had to investigate the suitability of materials for an umbrella- it was lots of fun playing with water!


Week 4

Well done to our two Star Students this week. They have both worked so hard on their Times Tables knowledge and recall!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2

We have continued with lots of fantastic learning this week! 

In English, we have finished reading our 'Great Fire of London'. It was such a wonderful book and we really enjoyed reading it!

We discussed the differences between facts and opinions and wrote our own selection of facts about the Great Fire.



In Maths, we have continued to recall multiplication facts and have been using TTRockstars to help us.

We have started to use concrete resources in the classroom to share amounts into equal groups. We looked at the division symbol and what it means.

Week 3

Well done to our Star Students this week!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2

We have had such a great week in English as we have continued to read our 'Great Fire of London' text. We have been looking at illustrations from the book and matching them to appropriate sentences. 

We used noun phrases to describe the illustrations and discussed how we could use interesting adjectives in our writing. 

We then considered how different people would have felt during the Great Fire. We listened to the story of a cat in London who told us what he saw and felt.

We then wrote the story from his point of view. 


In Maths, we have continued with our Multiplication unit of work. 

We have used arrays to represent different multiplications. We then thought about representations such as repeated additions and bar models. 

We have also been working really hard on learning our times tables and have seen such a huge improvement in just a week!

Here are some of our Times Table Champions!


In History, we investigated the events of the Great Fire of London. We used a timeline to order these events in chronological order.

Week 2

A very big well done to our first Star Students of 2022!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2


It has been a very busy first full week back! We have continued to read our fabulous new class text and have already discovered so much about the Great Fire of London. We have been writing questions for Thomas Farriner and taking it in turns to pretend to be him and answer them!


In Maths, we have continued to make and use arrays to support our times table knowledge!

Week 1

It has been fantastic to be back in our classroom this week and we our excited to share with you all of the learning that we do this half term.

In English, we have already started our new text 'The Great Fire of London'. We used the first few pages of the book to look at how to use present and past tense verbs.

We wrote our own past and present tense sentences.


In Maths, we started our Multiplication and Division unit of work. We worked practically to use the terminology 'equal' and 'unequal'. We then used practical resources to redistribute from unequal groups to make equal groups. 


To start our 'Everyday Materials' unit in Science, we sorted materials from objects and looked around our classroom for different materials. 

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 2 Overview and Timetable

Week 7

We had a very exciting start to our week, this week!

After posting our letters to the Queen at the beginning of the half term, we received a very special piece of post straight from Windsor Castle!

One of the Queen's Ladies in Waiting had written back to us on behalf of the Queen and had sent us some more information for our Brilliant Britain topic!


In English, we started our final text of the term 'The Polar Express'. The story got us all feeling very festive and we produced some fantastic pieces of writing ourselves.



We have had such a busy Autumn term and we have learnt so much! We are already really looking forward to sharing our new topic with you in January!


Week 6

A very big well done to our final Star Student of the Autumn term!

Star Student

Week 5

A big well done to our Star Students this week. You have both worked so hard in everything you have done!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2


Week 4

Well done to our Star Students for this week! As well as working so hard, you both such fabulous friends to everyone in our class.

Star Student 1

Star Student 2


Week 3

This week in English we continued to read 'A Walk in London'. We used the book as a template for our own writing. We have started writing our own stories called 'A Walk in Ilmington'. We will continue to write them next week and spend time editing them too.


In Maths, we have started a new topic. We are enjoying investigating Money! We started the week by recapping our knowledge of coins and notes that we use. We then used different combinations of £ and p to make amounts. 


In Science, we enjoyed learning about global habitats. We looked at different animals and plants that we would find across the globe and discussed the ways in which they were adapted to their habitat.

A huge well done to our Star Students for this week! You have both worked extremely hard!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2

Year Two have had another busy week this week! In Maths, we have had a practical week where we have been using Base 10 and Place Value counters to support us with our Addition and Subtraction.

We have been placing our equipment in columns to help us with our calculation. We have then moved to finding number bonds to 100.


We have also enjoyed putting our welly boots on and getting outside for Science! We have been hunting for minibeasts and looking at the habitats that we have found them in.

We collected data about what minibeasts we found and the number that we located. We then used this data to create our own pictograms. 


In Geography, we discussed and compared Ilmington, Stratford upon Avon and London. We thought about what made these places a village, town or city and the features that we would find in this place. We then discussed whether these are human or physical features.


Week 2

A huge well done to our two Star Students this week. They have both worked extremely hard!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2


We have had such an exciting start to our week! We walked to the postbox to post our letters to the Queen! We were so excited to write to her, especially as she is feeling unwell and hope that she will write back to us soon.


In Maths, we have been using equipment such as Base 10 and Place Value Counters to support our addition and subtraction. We have been learning about the column method and how to carry and exchange!

Week 1

Well done to our Star Students for this week! You have both shown a great attitude towards your work and your friends. Well done!

Star Student 1

Star Student 2

It has been fantastic to be back together after a relaxing half term holiday!

In English, we have been so excited to start our new text. We are going to be reading 'A Walk in London' by Salvatore Rubbino. We read the text in our groups and identified examples of story and information text. 




In Maths, we have continued with our Addition and Subtraction work. We have enjoyed using the Base 10 and Place Value counters to support our calculations.


In Science, we started our Living Things topic. We used MRS GREN to help us to remember the seven life processes. We then used this knowledge to sort objects into the categories of living, dead and never alive.


Autumn Term

Week 6

In English, we have been working hard writing letters to the Queen! We planned our letter carefully and edited it if we needed to. We then wrote our letters up into neat and they are ready to be posted next week!


In Maths, we have been practicing our recall of number facts. We have been using our knowledge of numbers facts up to 10 to help us with calculating up to 100.

We then used our knowledge of addition and subtraction to look at fact families. 


In Science, we made our own rain gauges. We then searched around our school grounds for suitable places to put them. We will monitor our gauges closely over the next few weeks and collect data to show how much rainfall we have had. 

Well done to our Star Students for this week! You both worked so hard and should be extremely proud of yourselves.

Star Student 1 15.10.21

Star Student 2 15.10.21

Week 5

This week in English, we continued reading 'The Queen's Handbag'. We used the pattern of the story to plan and write our own versions of the story. The Queen's hat was knocked off her head by a big gust of wind and taken on a journey! Some of our stories took the Queen's hat around London landmarks and it even went as far as Stretton Park!


In Maths, we had our final week of Place Value. We recapped our knowledge of counting in twos, fives and tens before moving on to counting in threes. We applied our counting knowledge to an exciting game of times table tiddly winks!


We went on a walk to Ilmington Church. This was very exciting as it was the first time for some of us! We looked around the church for different religious artefacts and hunted high and low for the Ilmington Wooden Mice that are carved into different parts of the church furniture. 


Finally, we spent some time making autumn crafts that we will share with our Friends and Neighbours in the village, later on this half term.


Another very big well done to our Star Students for this week. They have worked so hard, showing lots of wonderful learning!

Star Student 1 8.10.21

Star Student 2 8.10.21

Week 4

It has been another really busy week in Year 2! We have started our new text 'The Queen's Handbag' and have been enjoying linking it to our 'Brilliant Britain' topic work!

In Maths, we have continued our Place Value work. We used tens and ones to show different ways of partitioning two digit numbers. For example 63 can be partitioned into 6 tens and 3 ones but it can also be partitioned into 5 tens and 2 ones and 1 ten and 1 one.


In Science, we revised the seasons and their characteristics. We designed our own Season Wheel. 


In Geography we had great fun learning about the landmarks of London! We put them onto our own maps and we are so proud of how fantastic they look!

We have two amazing Star Students this week! They both impressed this week with their amazing knowledge of the United Kingdom during our topic lessons. Well done!

Star Student 1 1.10.21

Star Student 2 1.10.21

Week 3

In Maths this week, we have been continuing our Place Value work. We have used different pieces of maths equipment to represent numbers up to 100. We have also thought about how many tens and ones are in each number and how we can partition them!



We had great fun in Science using the sunshine to draw around the shadow of our partner! We thought about at which point in the day our shadows would be the biggest and the smallest and why!


In DT, we continued to develop our knowledge of British fruits and vegetables. We had to find out which season fruits and vegetables are grown in and sort their pictures into the table.

Another huge well done to our Star Student for this week. You have worked really hard this week and shown such enthusiasm for your learning!

Star Student 24.9.21


Week 2

A very big well done to our first Star Student our 2021/22. You have worked so hard this week and made a fantastic start to Year 2.

Star Student 17.9.21

Wow! It has been such an amazing week in Year 2 and everyone has worked so hard. In English, we started a first text of the year- The Queen's Hat by Steve Antony. We really enjoyed seeing all the famous London landmarks in the story as the Queen chased her hat across the city! We made our predictions about the text before thinking about adjectives to describe the illustrations. 


In Maths, we continued our consolidation of place value in numbers up to 50. We have been using a range of mathematical equipment to investigate different ways of representing these numbers.


We started our 'Wild Weather' topic in Science and watched a BBC weather forecast. We thought about the language that the weather forecaster used and wrote our own weather reports. We made our own weather symbols to use when we present and record our weather forecasts. 


Week 1

The children have had a fantastic first week in their new classroom! In Maths, we started our first topic of the year and have been revising and consolidating knowledge of numbers up to 20.

The children have been using a range of mathematical equipment to represent numbers up to 20, for example Base 10, tens frames and counters.


  We also really enjoyed getting the paints and brushes out and starting some artwork for our new class display. We can't wait to share more photos on the blog when it is finished!


 We made the most of the beautiful weather by getting outside and creating some nature art! We looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and the features of his amazing nature art. The children really enjoyed gathering leaves, stones and sticks to create their own Goldsworthy inspired artwork.