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Ilmington Church of England Primary

The Ilmington School Library

The Ilmington School library is a vibrant and exciting place where reading is fun!! Our Year 4 Librarians make sure the space is vibrant and exciting. This dedicated team enhance the reading experience of all the children in our school. We have a ‘Book of the Week’ chosen by the Librarians who also create posters which inspire other children about the books that they could choose to read.

Our librarians were required to apply for the position and prove that they have the skills and commitment necessary for the job. Their role includes: checking books in and out, reading to the younger children, listening to other children read, talking about books with others and recommending books as well as working to inspire the rest of the children in our school to read.

We also have a new ‘Poet-tree’ in our library! Our tree has poems pegged onto its branches for the children to read, learn by heart and share with others. The poems so far have been contributed by the librarians and staff. If you and your families have a favourite poem, please print it out or write it out and cut it into a leaf shape so that we can peg it onto our Poet-tree for everyone to enjoy. Children are also welcome to bring in any poems that they have written themselves.

Our library is open every lunch time for children who would like to read, share books and enjoy words! Happy reading!