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Year 3 & Year 4

Term 2

Week 2

Electricity took centre stage this week as the children were delighted to start this exciting topic. Their challenge was to make a circuit out of components given to them and make their bulbs light up! They all rose to the challenge and were delighted to make their bulbs light...I even had to turn the classroom lights off for that extra wow factor!

KS2 girls had a trial football lesson from South Warwickshire girls football this week which they thoroughly enjoyed.  It was great to see them working as a team and supporting one another.

Russet class enjoyed writing their own rhyming couplet Bonfire or Remembrance poems in English this week and then finished the week writing an Acrostic Poem for Children in Need.

Russet Electricity


Week 1

Russet Class have come back to school with such a sensible and mature attitude for this second term - well done!

We have had a focus on spellings, grammar and handwriting this first week and the children have all risen to the different challenges set.

Our Romans topic has continued with the children finding out about the three different types of rule in the Roman era and have written sentences to describe each type of rule.

Electricity is the focus this term and the children enjoyed sorting everyday appliances into a Venn diagram and explaining their reasoning.

'Be Bright, be seen' is a school initiative organised by Warwickshire Safe and Active Travel and the children enjoyed designing their own outfit to keep safe in the darker months.

The whole school walked to the war memorial in the village on Friday 10th November to pay our respects and to lay a wreath. It was a very special time for the school to be together and to reflect upon past events. 



Term 1

Week 8

Russet Class have worked so hard this half term and I want to congratulate them for all their superb efforts both in and out of the classroom.  They have all settled back into school really well and I am looking forward to seeing what new learning and excitement next term brings.

Hope you all have a restful half term!


Week 7

Roman Day!

Russet Class enjoyed a fantastic Roman Day on Friday.

They learnt about the life of a Roman gladiator, medicine and surgery, battle, Roman army drill with actual Latin orders, handling ceramics and obviously the most important part…dressing up!

I hope you enjoy our extensive selection of pictures.

Until next week…hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Russet Class - Roman Day



Week 6

Year 3 were continuing with addition and subtraction in maths this week and Year 4 started column addition for addition and subtraction which they seemed to remember quite well from last year.

The children started the new topic of Explanation Texts and started to identify the different features used when writing an explanatory text.

Russet class explored seeds in science this week and really enjoyed looking at various fruits and vegetables and estimating how many seeds would be in each one!

The children learnt all about religious festivals in Hinduism and enjoyed discussing how they celebrated each one.

Human Machines was the focus in P.S.H.E this week and the children loved going outside to work collaboratively in groups and all be part of a Human Machine! The machines ranged from digging up carrots to washing a drying a fluffy toy!

A big congratulations to all children in Russet class that wrote speeches in order to be part of the school council. All children spoke really clearly and sensibly and everyone who took part should be very proud of themselves.  The results will be revealed next week. 

Until next week…hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Russet Week 6


Week 5

Happy Harvest Festival!

I want to congratulate Russet class on their fantastic Harvest Festival this week at the church.  The children did the school proud in speaking their lines so clearly and accurately and supporting their peers. Well done Russet Class – you are a true inspiration!

Year 3 were adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s to/from 3-digit numbers this week and identifying which digit would change each time. Year 4 completed their end of topic assessment on Place Value and will be moving onto Addition and Subtraction next week.  

The children wrote their draft biographies about Julius Caesar this week and are just in the process of editing, polishing and improving their work. It is great to see how the children have understood the features of a biography and are using these in their work.

Russet class explored the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants and were challenged to label the different parts of the flower.  They did really well in remembering the names of the different parts and even scored 80% in our class quiz!

The children understood what makes a good historical question and they devised questions about aspects of everyday life in ancient Rome. They then found the answers to these questions using non- fiction books and various fact sheets.

They all loved their P.E session with Chuck and it was great to see them still being able to use the field for their activities.

Until next week…hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Week 4

Blue flowers and more!

Year 3 finished their place value topic this week with comparing numbers to 1,000 using greater than, less than and the equals sign and then moved onto ordering numbers to 1,000. Counting in 50s was the last small step to be covered before they move onto Addition and Subtraction next week. Year 4 are currently learning how to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000 before they also move onto Addition and Subtraction in a couple of week’s time.

In English we learnt about Biographies and identified what a biography is, identified features of a biography and then practised writing a biography on Roald Dahl. The children will be finding out all about Julius Caesar next week and eventually writing their own biographies on the famous Roman Leader.   

The finished their investigation of how water is transported within a plant and were thrilled to see that one of the carnations had turned blue! Last week we took two carnations, we put one in blue water and the other in plain water and wrote a prediction as to see what would happen. They checked their predictions to see if they were right and then we wrote up the experiment.  

The subject of Karma was covered in R.E which led to some very thought provoking and interesting conversations.

Harvest Festival practice started in earnest this week and children and doing so well learning their lines for the upcoming service next week.

Until next week…hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Week 3 

Another busy week for Russet class!

The children started off using hands on resources to flexibly partition numbers on Monday and making their own place value charts.  They were then challenged to add 1, 10, 100 and 1000 onto numbers, read number lines and estimate numbers on a number line.

Our Diary Entries topic has continued this week with the children writing their own draft diary entry from either the character of Athena or Arachne.  The children loved the idea of visiting "Spelling Square", "Punctuation Park", "Grammar Garden" and Vocabulary Valley" to edit and improve their work and write up their final version in neat. The diary entries they produced were fantastic!

We asked historical enquiry questions in our Romans topic this week and the children used their research skills to find out the answer to questions about topics such as food, school, family, clothes, jobs and leisure.

The theme of Botanical Art continued this week with the children learning about the botanical artist Katie Scott and sketching a range of natural objects.  The children used the Ilmington toolkit values of perseverance and focus to sketch conkers, michaelmas daisies, tomatoes, apples and pine cones...I have never seen them so quiet!

The children investigated how plants get the water they need and explored water transport in plants. We set up an experiment using blue dye and white chrysanthemums to see how water travels around a plant. We are looking forward to sharing our results with you next week!  

Our P.S.H.E lessons involved the children being able to describe good and not so good feelings and how these affect our physical and mental state.  We discussed how these feelings made us feel and what we could do to help ourselves and others.

Have a restful weekend everyone! 


Russet Week 3 - 22/9/23


Week 1 & Week 2

What a busy first two weeks Russet Class have had!

The children have started Place Value in maths, revising the value of numbers, representation of numbers and using base 10 to partition numbers.

Diary Entries have been the focus of our English writing and the children have enjoyed finding features of diaries and started to write their own diary entries based on our class reader – Roman myths.

The children were very excited to start the Romans topic last week and were very surprised to find out that the Roman Empire lasted for nearly 1200 years! They explored roman artefacts and found out what they were used for and tried to remember their roman names.

Russet Class were thrilled to get out and about with nature last week and were set the task of finding some natural materials to do some natural botanical weaving with. We used pallets from forest school and made a base using willow and then wove some other natural materials that we found on our nature walk into the willow. It was great to see the children work as a team!


Mrs Billings’s flowering tomato plants were the focus for the children to learn about the features of a plant. The children could successfully explain the function of each of the plant’s features and then investigated what requirements were needed for a plant to grow.

Sue from SCARF came into school on Monday to talk to the children about friendships, feelings and the brain! The children really enjoyed discussing the different scenarios, meeting Harold the giraffe and finding out what makes our brains work.

French, computing and DT were also up and running along with some fantastic music lessons!

Until next week…hope you all have a wonderful weekend!