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Term 2

Weeks 3 and 4 We're going on a bear hunt

What fun learning we have done this week! We have made bears and caves using craft and construction. We have made bears out of circles and drawn them on the interactive whiteboard. We have also been on an "epic" and "awesome" bear hunt around Ilmington that was, apparently, "the best day ever"! 

We have sung maths songs helping us to learn about 1 more and 1 less and the year 1 have learned how to work out if a number is odd or even.

We have also been practising hard for our nativity play which we are very much looking forward to performing for everyone in the church.

Pippin 2023-2024 We're going on a bear hunt


Weeks 1 and 2 Room on the Broom

The new half term has begun with a very busy couple of weeks. We have created some beautiful firework art on large pieces of black paper and learned about the gunpowder plot. 

We watched a short film introducing Remembrance and then made poppies using a range of media before taking part in the Remembrance service at the war memorial.

We have enjoyed an introduction to our new book, Room on the Broom, and look forward to making wands, broomsticks and a variety of potions!

Year 1 maths has focused on number bonds to 10 and doubles while the reception have been working on shape and numbers 4 and 5. 

Pippins have also learned a bit more about how to keep safe near the roads by designing some bright and reflective clothing for Warwick Bear. Our own Fred Bear came back from his half term adventures and has set off again with another family!

We have all worked so hard and have been excited that our families will get to see our work at parents' evening.

Diwali was a fun festival to learn about. We made diva lamps which we will paint in bright colours before we light them, we chalked rangoli patterns in our outside area, we decorated our (paper!) hands with patterns and we made some sweets to share. While the reception were exploring the Hindu festival, Year 1 were on a trip learning about the Great Fire or Warwick. They had a non stop day of walking to specific points in Warwick comparing the town's devastating fire with the Great Fire of London.

Pippin 2023-2024 Room on the Broom


Term 1

Weeks 7 and 8 The Gigantic Turnip

We had a very muddy autumn walk this week. During our walk we looked for the signs that it is autumn as well as putting into practice what we have learned about road safety. This walk was also the very first of our Trail Blazer hikes. You can learn more about Trail Blazers and the Ilmington 11 here.

We have started creating our own autumn display table with leaves, cones and conkers. We will continue to create this seasonal display next week with the vegetables that we will bring in from home.

In the last week of term, we have been very busy with assessments of our maths and phonics. We have also had lots of fun making soup with all the vegetables you have sent in as well as playing instruments to tell the story of The Giagantic Turnip.

It was very interesting looking inside some of the different vegetables. Some of them were very wet and slimy!

Fred Bear had another great week with another family. He went on a car trip and on a pony ride as well as crossing the road safely by holding hands.

Pippin 2023-2024 The Gigantic Turnip



 Weeks 5 and 6 Funnybones

We have begun looking at our new book, Funnybones. We have ordered the characters from the story according to size and have labelled skeletons.

Year 1 have been working on the mathematical language used to compare groups of objects and numbers.

We had an interesting afternoon of investigating our sense of touch. We discovered that we didn't need to just use our hands to feel things and that all the skin all over our body can also be used. We categorised a variety of objects according to how they felt and thought carefully about the vocabulary we used.

We have also begun learning about Road Safety by joining the Road Safety Spies along with Fred Bear. Fred will come to visit each child at home throughout the year to help us with our learning about road safety.

Year 1 have had some fun changing the words to the beginning of Funnybones. Instead of being on a dark, dark hill, there was a dark, dark mountain, instead of a dark, dark house, there was a dark, dark castle and instead of skeletons, we had vampires!

Our maths this week has been all about patterns, capacity and composition of numbers to ten. We have used a great game on the interactive whiteboard where we had to choose the correct shapes to complete a repeated pattern. If you want to play at home click here.

Thursday afternoon brought us a very smelly classroom! We used our sense of smell to try to decide what was inside the secret tubs. Some of the smells we liked and some, we really didn't! 

This week we also completed the four missions and became fully fledged Road Safety Spies! Fred enjoyed his first week being out and about and we all enjoyed finding out what he had been up to. He has now been passed on to the next family and we are looking forward to finding out where he has been.

Pippin 2023-2024 Funnybones


Weeks 2, 3 and 4 Each Peach Pear Plum

Our second week has been full of fun learning and we have again been making the most of the lovely weather!

We have begun looking at our new book, Each Peach Pear Plum and have really enjoyed playing our own versions of I spy using objects and also using initial sounds of words.

We have also learned about our sense of sight and that we use our eyes and the light around us to be able to see things. Trying to play some games using both eyes, one eye and no eyes to see what we are doing was very interesting!

Some of our work on feelings is on the wall in our classroom. We identified how people might be feeling just by looking at their facial expressions.

During our third week of the term, we have been for a walk around Ilmington. We found a shop, a pub, a bus stop, a church, a letter box, the village hall and our own school! We also went for a listening walk around school and discovered that we needed to be very quiet in order to hear some of the softer sounds. Identifying loud sounds wasn't difficult on Thursday when we experienced the first fire drill of the year.

Reception children have worked on matching and sorting in maths while the year 1 have been focussing on the composition of numbers to 5 and learning how to use part whole models and bar models.

We ended the week enjoying the very wet and muddy mud kitchen!

Our fourth week has been full of deciding how to sort objects and describing groups we have made in maths. We have also done some taste tests using one of our five senses where we have classified foods into those that are sweet, sour, salty, savoury or bitter. 

As part of the work on our book, Each Peach Pear Plum, we have looked at old and modern objects. We enjoyed trying to match the old to the modern and finding out what certain artefacts actually were!

Pippin 2023-2024 Each Peach Pear Plum


Week 1 Settling in

We started the new school year with an amazing week of beautiful sunshine. We have enjoyed getting to know one another and everyone has now gained a fair idea of how Ilmington School and Pippin Class work!

Our Year 1 children have been amazing role models for the reception children and have really helped in settling them in. Thank you!

Everyone has had fun playing outside on the bikes, in the mud kitchen and in the sandpit as well as enjoying the role play room, the interactive white board and the craft area.

We hope you will enjoy reading our blog throughout the year and looking at all the photos of our learning.

Pippin 2023-2024 Settling in