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Ilmington Church of England Primary

Paramedics Visit Class 4

Today, Class 4 had a visit from Lou and Siobhan who are paramedics. Lou works as a paramedic in our country and in other countries and Siobhan works as a paramedic for the army. They taught us a lot about what you need to do to be a paramedic and they taught us some essential first aid. We learned when and how to do CPR using a special dummy. You must do 30 compressions to the beat of Nelly The Elephant and then two breaths. We learned how to put a sling on another person and how to use a bandage for when someone is bleeding or burned. We tried on different uniforms for paramedics. We also learned how to put an eye bandage onto someone else and we raced to see who could do this the fastest. Ella didn't realise how many pockets the paramedic's uniform had to carry all of the different equipment and how heavy the equipment was. Some of the equipment that is used fascinated us, such as the equipment that is used when there is dangerous gas in the air. 

Thank you so much to Lou and Siobhan who have inspired us with their bravery and tireless hard work and taught us some essential life skills. 

Written by Clémentine, Ella, Freya, Luke, Annabelle, Chloe, Ellie and Alex.