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Ilmington Church of England Primary

The Traditional Ilmington Morris

Ilmington is always delighted to work with the Traditional Ilmington Morris men in preparation for May Day. They provide a wealth or experience and enrich school life for the children. Many of them were children at the school, and this wonderful community link is another reason why Ilmington is such a wonderful school.

The Ilmington Morris have a long and proud history, which they keep alive through passing knowledge of the dances to younger generations. Dance rehearsals are begun before Easter in anticipation of May 1st and throughout the summer months, a number of village celebrations involve the Morris Men.


Ilmington School Morris Dancers (I.S.M.D) are selected on merit for their hard work during rehearsals. They are then able to perform for large audiences at some really fantastic events. In the past two years, The Traditional Ilmington Morris and the Ilmington School Morris Dancers have performed at BBC Country File Live! In 2006 they appeared on Blue Peter, as part of the annual Blue Peter appeal, which that year was entitled "Shoe Biz".

This is an extraordinary opportunity and once in-a-lifetime experience for those children who represent the school.