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Ilmington Church of England Primary

Ilmington Traditions

Historic Ilmington

Some form of unlicensed education had existed in Ilmington from at least 1784 but without a proper school.

Class Photo (1912)

In 1857, the new Rector, Rev. J.C.Young, obtained financial backing to build a school near the church together with a house for the school master. The cost of both was £899 and that school opened in 1858 with 108 children in attendance. The school master's house survives today in private ownership, near the church in Back Street.

Sports Day (1911).

Over the years the Church of England Primary grew, expanding its numbers and improving its facilities and offerings for the children in the village.

Class Photo (1935)

Back Street, Ilmington (1900's)

Over 100 years later, in 1962, that building was replaced with today's school on it's current site.

Ilmington from St.Mary's (2019)

Since 1858, there have been ten Head Teachers. The current Head, Miss Rebecca Noon joined in January 2019 upon the retirement of Mrs. Carol Ryninks. 

Today, Ilmington is a thriving, forward-looking Primary. It embraces modern ways to educate and inspire our children, so that we can prepare them for a future chapter in our global world which is yet to be written. Whilst embracing change, Ilmington continues to uphold and cherish our heritage.

The Schools traditions and history will remain proudly at the core of our identity as a Church of England village primary, as these are the foundations of our success.