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Year 5 & Year 6


Term 6

Class 4 have been investigating the properties of materials this term. We investigated which materials were magnetic, permeable, transparent and hard. We completed another investigation into which materials were the best thermal conductors so we could decide which material would be best to make a lunch box from. We wrapped our ice cubes in the different materials to see how long they took to melt. The material which held the ice that took the longest to melt was the best thermal insulator. We thought about what materials were used for different purposes because of their properties. 

Class 4 science 2022

We had a fantastic time on our visit to The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford! Clare from the museum took us on a tour where we immersed ourselves in the paintings. We looked carefully at The Hunt in the Forest. We made a soundscape and looked carefully at how the artist had used perspective. We even had the opportunity to sketch what we could see. 

Class 4 Ashmolean 2022

Here we are having a great time with The Colonel. This week, both year groups played together. Next week, some students from KES will be visiting us to play their string instruments for us and to listen to us play! We are excited to meet them. 

Class 4 had a fantastic day with Martin from Play in a Day ! We put together a performance of The Tempest, a play that we have been learning about in our reading lessons, for the rest of the school and family members. We hope you enjoyed it !

Class 4 Play in a day


In PSHE Class 4 have been learning about feelings and building resilience. We have been talking about emotional health and how we can look after our own emotional health and that of those around us. We made affirmation posters that we have put up around the school building. 


Today May brought in some medals to share with us. Her mum had earned these medals in her job as a paramedic. She has travelled the world for her job and worked through the pandemic. May’s mum even earned some medals from the queen! 

Mr Kemp has been leading the Ukulele Club in learning to play Mary had a Little Lamb. They have had fun learning the notes to play the song! Well done! 


As we move towards the end of the academic year, we have been thinking about our transition to the next year group, whether that is in a new school or moving to Year 6. Today we were visited by Vicky and Kate from Connect For Health.

Click here to read more about it.

Click here to read an information booklet about how parents and carers can support children during the transition to secondary school. 

As part of our learning about the Platinum Jubilee, we painted the Imperial State Crown. In Art & Design, we have been learning about colour-mixing as part of our mastery of watercolour painting. In our sketchbooks, we learned about primary, secondary and tertiary colours and we practised mixing them to complete our colour wheel. We practised mixing colours to match the colours on the Imperial State Crown and we learned how to adjust the colour until we were happy with it. We used these skills to paint our beautiful crowns! 



We have  started our learning for our local history and geography topic about Ilmington! The Colonel brought in her book of morris tunes which includes two songs that originate from Ilmington! She played them to us and we enjoyed listening to songs that our ancestors might have played too. Thank you Colonel! We have been researching some interesting facts about Ilmington for our tourist guides. 

Term 5

Thank you to everyone who came to join in with our Platinum Jubilee celebrations for our Queen! We had a fantastic day which started with a viewing of the Queen's coronation and each class shared their learning with the rest of the school. We made decorations and headwear to take out to our whole-school street party at lunch time! In the afternoon we really enjoyed the opportunity to share our learning with the families who attended and to enjoy an ice-cream together!

Platinum Jubilee


We are very proud of Charlie who has been working hard to raise money to support those who need it in Ukraine. Charlie decided to walk all the way to Mickleton this weekend and he has raised £100! Here he is at the top of Larkstoke Hill with Auntie Sue. 

This week we have been learning about cinquains. We practised writing cinquains using two different models: the didactic cinquain and the syllabic cinquain. As part of our learning about The Queen in celebration of her platinum jubilee, we wrote cinquains about the Imperial State Crown. Here are some of our great ideas! 

We decided to share these with each other and thought about what makes a great poetry reading. 

Well done to the Year 6 children who have all been allocated the parts that they will play in our May Day celebrations this year. The children in the school vote for the May Queen and Town Crier, who are important roles in our celebration, by deciding who demonstrates our Christian values well. We learned about democracy and where the word comes from as well as where this originated from, before casting our votes in the ballot box. 

May and Will will play these parts this year as they had the most votes. Grace and Thea will be the attendants and Jasmine, Lilly and Pippa will be the flower girls. Bodie and Freddie will be the Jack O' the Green and the Jester and Caiden will be the Hobby Horse. Henry, Max, Harry, Noah and William will play the jockeys. Well done everyone! 


We have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II in preparation for our Platinum Jubilee celebrations next week. We have found out about her life and researched her family tree. We have been finding out about the Imperial State Crown and we are excited to share our learning with the rest of the school in collective worship next week. 

Lilly brought in some photographs and a newspaper from 1986 when her great uncle had the pleasure of meeting The Queen. He was the Head of the Prop Department at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Lilly is very proud of her uncle. 

We have been writing narrative adventure stories this week, inspired by our visit to 'Alchemy Island'. We have been investigating portals and trying to work out which portal we are travelling through from a written description. We are excited to write our own descriptions next! 

Well done to the Year 6 children who worked incredibly hard during our SATS week. The whole class celebrated together on Friday afternoon by bringing in food to share with their friends. We had a great time! 

We are having a great beginning to the term in Class 4. Ukulele Club started today with Mr Kemp and the children have been learning to play Mary Had a Little Lamb. They have set themselves a goal to perform in Collective Worship this term for the rest of the school! Thanks Mr Kemp. 

We have been enjoying our stage combat lessons with our coaches, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Turner. Who knew drama could be this exciting?!

We had a visit from Chemical Charlie from Mad Science this week and the children are able to sign up for the new club using the details provided by Mrs Beard. 

Our buddies were highly commended in Celebration Assembly this week for their hard work and kind attitude. Mrs Yeates awarded them each a buddy badge. 

We have been working on our map reading skills in geography and we learned to use four and six figure grid references on ordinance survey maps. 

We have almost finished our moving vehicles in DT too ! 

Class 4 sang beautifully with Mr Kemp and performed for the rest of the school. 

Class 4 April 2022



Spanish Club has started today! Click here to read about it. Madame Eribenne has some space in her club if you would like to join. 

 The children in Class 4 have started learning their Shepherd’s Hey dance in their Morris dancing session today. Thank you to the Ilmington Morris Team for giving up their time to teach us the dance! Click here to find out more

Term 4

We have been practising our drama at St Mary's this week. We are excited to perform for everyone at our Easter service on Friday. 


Thank you to Courtney who visited us this week from the Dogs Trust. She taught the children all about dog safety and what their behaviours mean as well as what the charity does. 



Well done to Finley for his fantastic entry to the World Book Day competition as he was the Key Stage 2 winner! 

We have had a great World Book Day in Class 4, learning about Marmalade The Orange Panda and the messages that the book has. We learned about the animals that feature in the book through our own research. We decided what could happen at the end of the story and we drew story maps for our own story, on the same theme. Everyone in the school dressed up in different colours to celebrate World Book Day this year! 



Well done to Class 4 for their fantastic efforts in the pancake races! The House Captains did a fantastic job of organising the races. The children had such great fun and well done to everyone who took part! 


 The Year 5s have been learning how to find fractions of quantities in maths this week. Well done Year 5! 


Term 3

Week 7

This morning Charlie and his dad brought in their ferrets to show us ! We had a great time learning about Charlie's hobby- ferreting- and we asked lots of questions about how to look after ferrets! Thank you Mr Edmunds. 




Week 6 

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. We have been exploring what mental health is and how we can look after our mental health and support others. We have been completing activities each day about being grateful, what makes us happy, helping others, worries, feeling good and looking after our minds and bodies. We have had a Dress To Express Day today (Friday) where we came to school wearing clothes that express who we are. Some children in our class decided that they would like to be Mental Health Ambassadors to help our school to be a positive place for mental health. They have led collective worship today where they taught everyone what mental health is, how we can look after our mental health and what we should do if we are worried about our thoughts or feelings. Well done Class 4 !




Today is Safer Internet Day and the E-Safety Committee and Mrs Gardiner led collective worship. Click here to see the news story about it ! 



Week 5 Storytelling Week!

We have kicked off Storytelling Week in style by creating story maps and stepping out our story (The Monkeys and The Hats) with actions to help us to remember each key part. We have started to innovate our story, adding in interesting descriptions and our own ideas. We have been continuing with the theme of hats and we have been learning about René Magritte. We have researched him and what is known about his life and we have looked in depth at some of his artworks. Take a look at our sketchbooks below. 




Week 4

This week we have been stepping into the shoes of a soldier from World War 1. We used our drama characterisation to help us to write diary entries in character. 



Week 3

We have been using drama to imagine what it would have been like to have lived in the trenches of the First World War. We thought of adjectives to describe the conditions and we watched a video that helped to get our imaginations going. We revised the steps to success for a drama performance and worked in groups to show what activities we might have been doing in the trenches. We gave each other stars (strengths) and next steps- things to work on. 


Well done to our School Council Chair and Vice Chair who led collective worship for the first time this week. They taught the rest of the school the makaton signing for 'Good Afternoon Everyone' and we sang with Mr Kemp. Well done to our star students! 


Week 2

We have been learning about fractions! This week, we revised our previous learning about equivalent fractions and we did this by cutting cucumbers and cakes into equal parts and sharing them. We used the pieces to make our equivalent fractions. Well done Class 4! 


Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We have had a great start to the new term. This morning the children reviewed their year and wrote new year resolutions. We started to investigate our new topic- Fallen Fields. We learned new vocabulary that will be helpful to us when discussing our learning this term. 

We have enjoyed singing with Mr Kemp! Check out our dance moves. 


Term 2

Week 7

 Today we are taking a walk around the village to deliver our Christmas cards to our Village Friends. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy our Christmas animation! 




Week 6

This is the last week that we will be reserving our Christmas decorations. If you would like to buy one, please do let us know before Friday to avoid missing out ! The children have really enjoyed making their pom poms and it is so lovely to be raising money for our House Charities. 


This week has been all about robins! We have been retelling the story of Coming Home from the 2016 Christmas advert for Waitrose. It is a lovely story about a robin making it home to his family in time for Christmas. We decided to continue to improve our watercolour skills (particularly colour mixing and texture creation) by painting robins from secondary sources. Our skills have really improved this term! 


We made backgrounds and created a stop-motion animation to go along with our stories. It was great to retell our stories in the way that we intended for them to be heard! Watch this space for our finished work. 


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Christmas Carol Service at St Mary's. It was lovely to show everyone our retelling of the Christmas story and to join together in singing some of our favourite carols. 



Week 5

We have been working hard making Christmas decorations as our fundraiser for our House Charities. They have been selling fast and we would like to say a big thank you to all of the people who have bought decorations so far. There is still time to buy some if you would like and we are so happy to be raising money for such fantastic causes. Follow the instructions on the poster to buy a decoration. 

Thank you to all of the families that donated Christmas decorations to our class. We are feeling lovely and festive in Class 4! 


Week 4

We had a lovely time on our whole school trip to Chipping Norton Theatre! Rapunzel was a fantastic pantomime!


We were glad to welcome Kit and Brenda from The Salvation Army (Tigers' House Charity) this week. They taught us all about what their charity does and it helped us to understand where our fundraising donations would be going. 

Take a look at this news story to find out more! 

Week 3

We have been learning to write balanced arguments inspired by our class novel- Pig Heart Boy! We decided to debate whether Cameron (the main character in our novel) should be given a pig's heart or not. There were some fantastic reasons both for and against this argument. Here is Thea's opening paragraph! 

We have had a fantastic time, dressing up in our spots for Children in Need! Thank you to everyone who got involved. 

We had a visit from a fire prevention officer who taught us all about being safe in our homes. We learned to spot hazards so that we can prevent them and we learned how to plan an escape route so that we could get out of the house safely at night if we needed to. 

Week 2

We have been learning about the circulatory system and decided that the best way to learn about the parts of the heart was to have a look at a real one ! Today we dissected sheep hearts. We looked at the exterior features first, working out which way up the heart should be and which side was the front. We found the arteries and veins on the outside. 
After that, we looked inside the heart at where the atria and ventricles are. We learned that the right side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs and the left side of the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. We looked for the valves inside. Take a look at these photos to see us in action!



We had a thoughtful Thursday morning as we walked through the village for our Remembrance service with Reverend Stephen. William and Lilly laid the wreath after our minute of silence where we thought about those who have given their lives in war or had their lives changed by war. William read his poem and the House Captains read a poem by John McCrae.  


We have been learning about Antony Gormley in our art lessons. We have researched his sculpture work where he focuses on the human form. We particularly liked his work called ‘Another Place’. 

Click here to see our Parent Overview for this term. 

Week 1

We have started the term with some fantastic drama, stepping into the shoes of the characters from our novel 'Pig Heart Boy'. We focussed on facial expressions and thought about how we could show how Cameron was feeling inside. 

We are working towards writing diary entries from Cameron's point of view and this is going to help us to step into the shoes of our character. 

Term 1

Week 7

We have  been working on our pencil line drawing skills by creating observational drawings. We looked at some gourds and observed the shapes and lines that we would need to use to create them. We practised making these marks in our sketchbooks. We used gentle, fairy lines and made them bolder when we were happy with them. 

Then we created a colour wash. We practised mixing colours together until we got the colour that matched the main colour of the gourd. We washed this all over so that we would have a base to work on top of. 

We then added the medium details and looked at where the shadows and highlights fell. 

We worked into the watercolour paint with crayons, practising mixing different colours together to make the shades that we wanted. 




Week 6

We have some fantastic poets in Class 4 who have been inspired by our activities on National Poetry Day last week. Take a look at these poems, written by Thomas and William at home. 

This morning, Class 4 were visited by Dr Diane Davies, an archaeologist who specialises in the Ancient Maya. 

Dr Davies taught us about what life is like to be an archaeologist in the rainforest and she even showed us videos that she had taken during her time in Guatemala. She taught us about the dangers of the rainforest and how it can be difficult to travel through. Dr Davies told us about the animals that live in Central America and showed us videos of them. We learned about how clever the Ancient Maya were: they built pyramids and stela(e); invented a ball game and chocolate; created beautiful art; and they had their own writing system as well as an interest in astronomy. Dr Davies busted lots of common myths about the Maya! She brought lots of incredible artefacts that she has collected during her time in Central America and we were able to look at them and investigate what they can tell us about what life was like for the Ancient Maya. We made our own Maya calendars and researched what the date was in the Maya calendar. What an amazing morning! 




Week 5

What a busy week we have had! On Monday we took part in our Sponsored Marathon where we worked as a team to run, walk and jog nearly 7 marathons! Have a look at us having a great time while raising money for our House Charities here. Thank you so much to everyone who has already sent in their sponsor money. There is still time to send your sponsor money to the school office and we will give you a grand total when all money is in! The final date is 18th October. 


We had a great time on National Poetry Day where Judge the Poet inspired us to have fun with words! Find out more here. 

Week 4

This week the children have been working hard to put the finishing touches onto their sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos. They have created beautiful designs after researching what they could include. They thought about the meaning behind their designs and what each element represents. The children created their clay skulls using sculpting techniques like pinching, smoothing and scraping. They let their clay designs dry out before painting a white base layer. They then added their final touches using acrylic paints. They practised colour-mixing and thought carefully about how to create their desired hues. Well done for all of your hard work, Class 4!




We have been learning about the parable of The Good Samaritan. Can you work out which part our freeze frames are showing?


Well done to our new Star Students! We have chosen Mia for going the extra mile and putting so much effort into pushing her progress in handwriting and spellings. Autumn was chosen for being so polite and offering to help, which means that things run smoothly in our classroom! Grace was chosen for her excellent efforts this week in improving her handwriting, particularly letter joins. 

Week 3

We have been celebrating a postponed Roald Dahl Day! Well done to the children of Class 4 for their excellent costumes. We have had a fantastic mix of Matildas, witches, Violet Beaurigardes, Oompa Loompas and so much more! 


Well done to our Star Students this week. Jasmine has been chosen for showing great confidence and stepping out of her comfort zone, with special mention going to her speech for School Council elections. Well done to Lilly who is such a hard worker and has demonstrated the qualities of a fantastic Year 6 role model. Well done also to Charlie who has been working hard on his extra reading tasks, demonstrating great focus. 

Week 2

We have been learning about Dia De los Meurtos. Have a look at our clay skulls! We learned about the celebration and its history, then we researched sugar skulls. We thought about the designs that were used traditionally and made ours using clay. We thought carefully about what techniques to use to get the effects we wanted. 


Well done to our amazing Star Students this week. Esme has settled well into our class and she has been chosen for her fantastic attitude to learning. Henry is a great role model to the younger children in our school, especially now that he is one of the older children. Well done to Will who is such a hard worker and works hard every day to show our school values. 

Week 1

We have had a great start to the term! Class 4 have been working hard and enjoying being back together. 



Welcome to Class 4. Click here to read our Parent Handbook which contains important information regarding how things work in our class. If you have any questions at the start of this new school year, please join me for a Zoom drop in session on 20th September between 5:00pm and 6:00pm. The link has been sent to you by Mrs Beard. Please check back here throughout the year to see all of the exciting things we have been up to! 

 Miss West