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Class 4 Blog 2020-21

Term 6

Welcome back! Click here to see our parent overview for this term. This includes a timetable showing the subjects that are covered each day. 


We are learning from home. Have a look at your tasks on SeeSaw and I will see you on Zoom !


Today is Sports Day! Here are the resources that might help you today.

Click here to see the scoresheet. You can use this or make your own !

Click here to see the picture for the relay race. 

Click here to print the Home Sports Day bunting to decorate your home! 


Week 4

We are learning from home this week. Please use your SeeSaw account to access your home learning tasks. If you have any problems or questions, stay on the call at the end of Zoom registration to discuss it with Miss West or ask your parents to send an email to the Class 4 email address. 

Links for Tuesday's home learning:

Click here to read the Indus Valley ebook and find out more about key discoveries

Click here to see a format that you could use to present your research for your Topic task.


Week 3

We have been preparing for our Summer Celebration by learning to dance Shepherd's Hey (a morris dance) with our Morris expert- Mr Bryan. 


Class 4 have been learning about elderflower! We have been learning about the plant (where it grows, when it grows and what it looks like) and we have been researching recipes for elderflower cordial. On Monday, we went on a walk around the village to collect elderflower. We returned to class and started the process of making our own elderflower cordial. We cleaned and picked the flowers, grated lemon and orange zest and put these together in a bowl with water. We left them over night. We have been designing labels for our own cordial and we are looking forward to taking our cordial home to try ! 




Year 5 spellings- different, business, memorable, boundary, secretary, calendar, parliament, widening, easily, voluntary

Year 6 spellings- general, vegetables, geography, history, reference, library, desperate, predict, original, marvellous

Week 2

Year 5 spellings- field, receive, ceiling, achievement, seize, weight, ancient, variety, neighbour, perceive

Year 6 spellings- sufficient, vein, height, shield, relieved, received, forfeit, mischief, sleigh, briefly.

Well done to our Star Students this week. Their certificates are below. 



Week 1

Year 5 spellings- young, nourished, couple, trouble, southern, cousins, courage, puddles, pumpkin, country

Year 6 spellings- armour, thunder, camouflage, turbine, encourage, custard, journal, curious, bundle, nourish

We have been writing travel guides using our learning about the Indus Valley! We have found out about the physical geography of the area and we have made posters to persuade people to visit the Ancient Indus! 

We have finished making our incredible DT cams projects. Have a look at them in the photo gallery below! 


 Well done to our Star Students! Here are their certificates. 


Term 5

Click here to see our parent overview and to find out what we will be learning about this term! This also includes a generic timetable. 

Week 6

Well done to our Star Students this week! Have a lovely half term. 


Year 5- myth, typical, slither, oxygen, interest, whisper, syrup, system, insect, hymn

Year 6- synthetic, symmetry, clinic, pyramid, physics, stitch, mistake, history, identify, witch. 


Week 5

Well done to our Star Students this week. Their certificates are below. 


Year 5- shining, parachute, sugar, brochures, issue, ensure, chef, moustache, session, machine

Year 6- Shelter, chef, chalet, parachute, avalanche, charade, sachet, shimmer, relished, punish.

We have had a visit from Paul (our local Morris expert). He came to help us with our research into May Day traditions and we had a great time learning about morris dancing and its history. Paul will be coming into our class each Monday to teach us to dance to Shepherd's Hey so it would be helpful to have sensible shoes in school to do this. 


Week 4

Well done to our star students this week. Please see their certificates below. 



Mrs Gardiner has set a task for all of the children in the school to help her to make improvements in our computing provision. Their is a questionnaire on Seesaw for our class to complete this week. 


We are learning about words that end in -ce and -se.

Everyone's spelling words are the same this week-

practice, advice, practise, advise, device, devise, licence, license, prophesy, prophecy. 


Week 3

Though this has been a shorter week due to the bank holiday, we have certainly managed to fit a lot in! This week has been assessment week in Class 4 and we have worked very hard to demonstrate what we can do and how much we have learned. As a special treat, Mr Kemp visited our class on Friday and we had an extra music lesson with him. Thank you Mr Kemp!

Our Star Students this week are Gracie and Will. Their certificates are below-




Week 2

We have been classifying animals using the Linnaean System! Here we are conducting our research. 

Have a lovely long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday!  

Well done to Class 4 for another great week. We have two Star Students this week. Please see their certificates below. 




We have started off the week with a live stream session with Beth from Severn Trent! She taught us all about what Severn Trent do, how our water is cleaned, where our water comes from, the history of how people have cleaned water, why we should save water and how we can do so. 


Year 5 spellings- cheque, vague, antique, frequent, league, guest, tongue, dialogue, catalogue, question


Year 6 spellings- fatigue, monologue, colleague, meringue, unique, grotesque, technique, query, intrigued, conquer


Week 1

Well done to our Star Students this week! 


Two people in our class have already earned Ilmington Learner Toolkit stickers! Well done to Sophie H who earned a reflection sticker for her fantastic Maths work and to Pippa who went the extra mile in English to improve her letter formation and was given a perseverance sticker. 


We have been revising the water cycle for our Wild Waters topic this week. Ronen drew a fantastic diagram. 

Here are the spelling words that we are learning this week as we study words that contain the soft ‘c’ sound. Your spelling strategies are on Seesaw. 

Year 5 Words-

cancel, convince, conceal, succeed, circus, icicle, immense, celebrate, evidence, saucepan 

Year 6 Words-

ambulance, pronounce, necessary, incense, appliance, pieces, decide, lettuce, special, parcel.

Term 4

 Week 6 

This week has been all about Easter! We have filled our gem jar in Class 4 which meant that we had an Easter treat today! We mad Easter crafts, cards and origami and had an Easter egg hunt.




Week 5

Class 4 are taking part in Earth Hour! We have been learning about what Earth Hour is and why it takes place. We have been researching and we made our own 3D houses to take home. 


Our Star Students this week are Pippa and Finn. Take a look at their certificates below!





We have been learning about how we can make a difference to our planet and we have decided to enter the Together for our Planet competition. Our entries will be showcased at the COP26 Summit in November! 
Here is Sophie H’s fantastic entry-

We have been writing non-chronological reports to teach Class 3 about The Ancient Olympics! Have a look at our fantastic writing below. 




Today (23rd March 2021) we reflected on our year as it is the anniversary of the day that our country went into the first lockdown. We thought about the highs- everything we have achieved and the resilience we have shown- and the lows. We held a minute’s silence at 12 o’clock to remember those who have lost their lives this year, to thank the people who have supported us and helped us through and to pray for more positive months to come. 


We have been learning about the features of non-chronological reports and we are working towards writing our own reports about the ancient Olympic Games. We have conducted our own research using books and the internet and we have identified aspects of this topic that interest us. 

Here we are looking for pictures that will complement our finished texts! 

Year 5 spelling words- preferably, offering, difference, suffering, transferred, offered, differing, preferring, referee, reference. 

Year 6 spelling words- preferring, differing, offering, inferring, deferred, difference, suffering, conferring, offered, preferred. 


It's been a fantastic week! Year 6 have been flying with their maths learning about algebra and the Year 5s have been enjoying getting used to protractors. Today, we have learned about the Battle Of Marathon and we have stepped into the role of Pheidippides and the Spartans. 

Well done to everyone. Our Star Students this week are below! 



Week 4

Year 5 spelling words- sportsmanship, statement, knighthood, championship, achievement, dealership, movement, livelihood, treatment, childhood

Year 6 spelling words- knighthood, merriment, hardship, treatment, childhood, membership, movement, likelihood, experiment, lordship

We have been revising word classes! Here we are working in groups to sort words into categories. 


Week 3

It has been lovely to be back together this morning in our classroom. Everyone has shared their news with the class and discussed what they are proud of. We have had a fire alarm practice which we dealt with fantastically!

Homework this week consists of reading, maths, spelling and grammar. There is no speed maths test this week as we are going to re-check the stages and hand out new sheets ready to start practising for next Friday. 

Year 5 Spelling words-

looking, delivering, begging, deciding, filming, travelling, faced, steadied, dragged, hoping.

Year 6 Spelling words- 

scrubbing, regretted, worrying, labelling, achieved, swapping, persuading, worshipping, announced, wrapping. 


Click here to see our Parents' Overview for this term where you can find out what we will be learning about in each subject! Our new topic is Greece Lightning! 

Blank map to colour in the Greek Empire

Map of the Greek Empire

Timeline key events to order

cm Squared Paper

Greece Research Template

Science Electricity Knowledge Organiser 

Greek Vase Template 

Week 2 RE Slides 

World Book Day Mystery Maths Game (Optional)  

World Book Day word search (Optional)

 World Book Day Scavenger Hunt (Optional) 

World Book Day cross word (Optional) 

World Book Day English Task Part 2


Well done for your beautiful art work, Class 4. Here is the display in our classroom showing your wonderful vases. If your work isn’t here, it might be that the picture you sent was too blurry so please send a new picture to the class email address and we will add your work to the display.


Week 2

Year 5 Spellings- painful, emptiness, finally, heavily, skilful, friendliness, plentiful, partially, tiredness, gently

Year 6 Spellings- beautiful, carefully, weariness, extremely, thankful, grateful, thoughtful, loneliness, madness, absolutely


Week 1 

Thank you to everyone who has already entered the World Book Day competitions! We have had some excellent entries so far. If you would still like to enter, send your entry to Miss West. Here is the poster. Although the poster says that the deadline is the 26th, you can email it over the weekend too!

Happy reading!

Year 5 Spellings- battery, vocabulary, library, crockery, boundary, factory, gallery, canary, grocery, military  

Year 6 Spellings- estuary, obligatory, blustery, jewellery, query, memory, February, territory, honorary, cookery

Term 3

Week 6

Class 4 have been learning about keeping safe on the internet for Safer Internet Day this week. Well done for the fantastic work that you have been sending in, Class 4! Here are some examples of the excellent writing that they have produced. 

Click here to see Sam's PowerPoint!

Click here to see Dan's PowerPoint! 







Well done for all of your fantastic work Class 4. On Friday, the children designed leaflets to support others with their well-being. Here are some examples! 


 Here are the spelling words for this week.

Year 5

rectangular, peculiar, whether, similar, beggar, anchor, popular, calculator, professor, inferior

Year 6

instructor, nectar, transfer, particular, radiator, caterpillar, emperor, kidnapper, inferior, sailor.

Resources linked to Seesaw will be below

Week 5

Year 5

accordion, woollen, stallion, citizen, soften, opinion, molten, skeleton, garden, rotten

Year 6

falcon, eleven, lengthen, forbidden, poison, season, siren, flatten, citizen, molten

Resources linked to Seesaw will be below-


Week 4

Scroll down to see your spelling words for this week.

We could not be more proud of everyone’s work. Last week, Class 4 were learning about what the Victorians ate. We did some excellent research and some people make their recipes too! Have a look at the pictures below to see some. Friday’s afternoon task was to get outside in the sunshine and get our bodies moving. Some people went for runs, some cycled, some walked their dogs, May was jumping over horse jumps, Isla was doing keepy uppies with a balloon and Bodie played basketball! Keep up the hard work Class 4. You’re doing great!





Year 5

physician, attention, affection, education, observation, mission, conclusion, revolution, position, technician

Year 6

operation, version, adaptation, inspiration, mathematician, optician, discussion, occasion, expansion, reduction


Home learning tasks for Seesaw will be below- 

Monday 25th January 2021- Science Template

Thursday 28th January 2021- English Story about Lucy

Friday 29th January 2021- Lord Shaftesbury timeline


Week 3

Your spelling words to learn this week are:

Year 5

puncture, adventure, measure, mixture, nature, leisure, architecture, furniture, composure, sculpture. 

Year 6

future, venture, reassure, closure, feature, departure, agriculture, picture, literature, torture. 

Home learning tasks for Seesaw will be below- 

Wednesday 20th January 2021- PowerPoint about Dr Barnardo


Week 2

Your spelling words to learn this week are:

Year 5- puzzle, gradual, approval, bicycle, uncle, natural, aisle, parallel, channel, parcel. 

Year 6- nettle, typical, wrinkle, original, economical, example, castle, general, vessel, personal. 

Home learning tasks for Seesaw will appear below-

Monday 11th January 2021- Maths- Year 5 PowerPoint

Monday 11th January 2021 - Science lesson PowerPoint

Monday 11th January 2021- Science lesson cards 

Monday 11th January 2021- Science word grid- helpful vocabulary 

Monday 11th January 2021 -Science Earth and Space wordsearch (optional) 

Monday 11th January 2021- Science - Earth and Space fact cards


Tuesday 12th January 2021- Maths- Year 5 PowerPoint 


Wednesday 13th January 2021- English PowerPoint

Wednesday 13th January 2021- RE PowerPoint 

Wednesday 13th January 2021- RE The Good Samaritan Vocabulary mat

Wednesday 13th January 2021- Year 6 Maths PowerPoint Multiplying decimals  


Thursday 14th January 2021- Topic PowerPoint

Thursday 14th January 2021- Topic Word Search (optional) 


Week 1

 Class 4 have been working extremely hard this week. Some people have been learning in school and some have been learning at home. We have been researching inventions and inventors from the Victorian era. Have a look at some of our fantastic work below!



Class 4's topic this term is Victorian Britain! Have a look at our parent overview to see what we will be learning about this term. 

Resources that Seesaw refers to for home learning are below-

6.01.2021- Year 5 Maths PowerPoint

Term 2

We have had a very Christmassy week in Class 4! We have made Christmas cards and wrapping paper using our William Morris prints, we have made Christmas calendars and today we are watching A Christmas Carol while doing Christmas crafts!


 We have been making christingles in Class 4 this week. We have researched what they are, why they are made and their history. We used our knowledge to help us to write instructions for the younger children in our school. We thought about what would be appealing for the younger children. Watch this space for our finished writing but, for now, take a look at our christingles. We are looking forward to our church service via Zoom from Coventry Cathedral tomorrow. 

Well done to our Star Students this week- Isla and William R. 



We have finished our Anglo-Saxon dwellings this week. The children have worked very hard with Mrs Mason to create homes for particular members of the community. This included the basket-maker, the farmer and the master. We thought carefully about what materials would have been available to the Anglo-Saxons when we were choosing how to make our dwellings. We used Sketch-Up to produce a plan of our house including the measurements. Thank you to Mrs Mason who has worked so hard to make our DT learning so exciting! Next, we are moving on to some Christmas craft.


Well done to our Star Student this week! 


We have been learning about printing techniques and we have used our learning about William Morris to create our own wrapping paper and cards. 


Our Star Student this week is Harry! He has been working hard on his focus and he is determined to make the most out of every learning opportunity. Keep up the hard work!


We have been learning about remembrance this week. We have written prayers for remembrance, conducted our own research and written non-chronological reports for Class 3 about remembrance. 

Here are Freddie and Noah's reports. 

Sam, Lewis, William R and Timmy led our prayers at the end of the day on Wednesday the 11th. They are now on display in our Reflection Corner. 

Well done for the two children that we have chosen to be our Star Students in Class 4 this week. Freddie has been chosen for his fantastic writing. Noah has been working so hard to improve his handwriting and his ideas in his writing have continued to be excellent. 



We have been researching William Morris- a well-known artist who was working in the Victorian period. We have written our own non-chronological reports about William. Here is an extract from Caiden's. 


Click here to see our Parent Overview (including a timetable) for this term. Our topic is A Christmas Carol! Although we won't be able to put on our usual Christmas production, we will be engaging in lots of drama activities within our class. This is an exciting topic which gives us a good introduction to Victorian Britain. 

Our Star Student for week 1 is Jake! Well done! Jake has been working very hard in our class so take a look at his certificate below. 


Term 1

We have been investigating Sutton Hoo this week. We looked at pictures of the site to see what we could learn about the Anglo-Saxons and their culture. 

Our Star Student this week is Lilly. She is such a hard worker in our class and we are so proud of her. 

We have been learning about the features of a diary entry this week. We have stepped into Beowulf's shoes and written a diary entry from his point of view. 


It was too tricky to choose just one Star Student this week and two people have stood out for their efforts. Max has been working so hard on his handwriting (which is his personal target) that he has been chosen to be our Start Student this week. Well done, Max! William R has been concentrating on his joined handwriting and letter formation. He has written some fantastic ideas using his cursive joined handwriting. Well done, William! 


Thea is our Star Student this week. Well done for all of your hard work this week, Thea! 

Take a look at our finished legends below! We tea-stained the sheets to make them look old and included an image of our favourite scene. Mrs Brooks has put them on display in our classroom!

We have been thinking about mental wellbeing in preparation for our live Zoom session tomorrow! We looked at the emotional health wheel.

In Class 4, we have been learning about the legend of Beowulf. We have written and read aloud speeches in role as Beowulf. We have written our own versions of the story of Beowulf. Ronen's story was so impressive that it has earned him our first Star Student certificate of the year! 

 Ronen thought carefully about his word choices and his imaginative descriptions. His sentences were varied and he edited and improved his work afterwards. Here is the story map that he drew to help him to remember the story. 


We have been enjoying our new topic: Invaders! We have been finding out about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and researching what kind of people they were. We have learned where they came from and where they settled. 

In science, we have been finding out about light and how we see. We have completed investigations to find out about reflection and refraction. 







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