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Please check the class blog every day for new work and updates.

Term 6

I will miss you all class 3! Have a VERY well deserved break over summer.

A huge THANK YOU also to your parents for all of the hours they have spent helping with home learning.

Miss Innes

Hello class 3, I hope you've had a restful half term and are ready for our last term of year 3 or 4. Your home learning will look slightly different this term. Please read the letter with your parents before you begin. 

If you find you need extension or would like to access different workbooks, Classroom Secrets and Hamilton Trust are offering very good free Home Learning Packs for each year group which follow the national curriculum for English and Maths. Feel free to use these in addition to the learning we have provided, if needed. If you have any questions or would like advice please email class3homelearning@welearn365.com.

Class 4 Transition Booklet for Miss West 

Miss West in her meeting with year 4 mentioned that you should complete this booklet and send it to her ready so she knows you well by year 5. You can complete this instead of your foundation subjects work for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Year 3 I have already asked you to complete a poster/letter but if you would like to complete it for Mr Crouch too, I'm sure he would like to see! 


Term 6 Letter - Please read before starting home learning

Term 6 spellings

Fun ways to practise your spellings (with worksheets)

Fun ways to learn your times tables

English Home Learning Booklet Term 6

Foundation Subjects Home Learning Booklet Term 6

Maths - Year 3 Week 1 Booklet

Maths - Year 4 Week 1 Booklet

English and Maths Week 1 Answer Guide

Maths Year 3 Week 2

Maths Year 4 Week 2

English and Maths Week 2 Answers and Guidance

Maths Year 3 Week 3

Maths Year 4 Week 3

English and Maths Week 3 Answers and Guidance

Maths Year 3 Week 4

Maths Year 4 Week 4

English and Maths Week 4 Answers

Maths Year 3 Week 5

Maths Year 4 Week 5

English and Maths Answers Week 5

Maths Year 3 Week 6

Maths Year 4 Week 6

English and maths answers week 6

Maths Year 3 Week 7

Maths Year 4 Week 7

Term 6 Week 6 & 7 Update

Well done everybody for your incredibly hard work again this term, we are all very proud of you! Here is an update of things I've been sent from the last week, if you have something you want your friends to see, it's not too late.Autumn has been completing her very own family 'Lord's Sports Day' in true Ilmington style. Rafferty  has had some very special post in reply to a letter he sent to the Queen a while ago. 2 DAYS TO GO EVERYONE! :) 

Term 6 Week 5 Update

Will has been completing some research and has written a report about the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Freddie has also been writing and has produced this report about Anglo-Saxon Crime and punishment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these reports boys- your writing looks as if you are going to be very well prepared for year 5!


Term 6 Week 4 Update

I hope every body has been enjoying the beautiful weather this week and is staying safe. Mia has been making a wanted poster and even transformed her own rabbit into Edward. Freya has been on a poppy field adventure. Bodie and Rafferty have been having a lovely time paddle boarding. Hope to hear more of your news on Monday! :) 

 Term 6 Week 3 Update

Thank you for your news everybody. Freya has been busy cooking this week and Esme has been walking lots and taking some photos. 

Term 6 Week 2 Update 

I hope everybody is well at home. Autumn has been taking her family's finger prints to resolve a crime and also enjoyed animating her name using Scratch. Will has been doing some science experiments at home, making carbon dioxide to blow up a balloon by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Hope everybody has had an enjoyable week of home learning.

Missing you all and very excited to see lots of you again on Zoom on Monday! :)

Term 6 Week 1

Another update: Will has made pancakes and delivered them to friends in the village. Freddie has been writing a superb diary entry as Edward Tulane and also investigated how sound waves move salt. Freddie and Emma also took part in a record breaking online art lesson - what an incredible acheivement!


Term 5

      Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

and click Login.


Summer Term 1 Week 5

Class 3, it is finally half term. We have been completely blown away by your hard work this term. It is as if nothing has changed, you're all doing yourselves very, very proud! It has been lovely to see lots of you on Zoom every week and we will continue after half term! :)  Have a well deserved break next week, enjoying the beautiful sun and playing outside so you are ready to come back for more learning in our final half term! We are missing you all every day.

From Miss Innes, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Burgess & Mrs Gilks :)

The Meal Plan Challenge - Maths Booklet

 Monday 18th May - Home Learning

Monday 18th May Comprehension

Tuesday 19th May - Home Learning

 Wednesday 20th May - Home Learning

Thursday 21st May - Home Learning

Friday 22nd May - Home Learning


Summer Term 1 Week 4

Wow Class 3. I have been blown away once again by your hard work. Here's what some of you have been up to!

Monday 11th May - Home Learning

Tuesday 12th May - Home Learning

Wednesday 13th May - Home Learning

 Thursday 14th May - Home Learning

Year 4 14.05.20 - maths teaching ppt

Year 3 14.05.20 - maths teaching ppt

Friday 15th May - Home Learning

 English PPT 15.05.20 - Word Class Sorting


Summer Term Week 3

Happy bank holiday and VE day class 3! Enjoy your long weekend and thank you again for your hard work this week- you've all been doing brilliantly. Here are some photos of the home learning from this week. Thank you so much for the updates on your work, again I have been so impressed with all of the work I have seen.


Monday 4th May - Home Learning

Tuesday 5th May - Home Learning

Wednesday 6th May - Home Learning

Thursday 7th May - Home Learning


Summer Term Week 2

WOW class 3 I have been completely blown away this week by the work you have sent me and by the work I was able to see during our Zoom meeting on Monday. You should be incredibly proud of all of your hard work because we are all very proud of you. I will upload pieces of work which I recieve via email every Friday to celebrate all of your achievements. Don't forget to ask mums and dads to email me pictures if you want to show something - class3homelearning@welearn365.com. Have a lovely weekend :) 

Letter for parents - spellings and times tables

Monday 27th April - Home Learning

Year 4 English PPT- Determiners - 27.04.20

Year 3 English PPT- Present perfect and simple past- 27.04.20

Tuesday 28th April - Home Learning (updated)

Wednesday 29th April - Home Learning

Thursday 30th April - Home Learning

Friday 1st May - Home Learning


Summer Term 1 Week 1 

Welcome back everybody. Hope you've had a relaxing two weeks off and are feeling ready to continue your home learning. Each day I will set English and maths tasks, you should then work through the foundation subjects activities in the list below. Thank you to all of the parents for your continued support with your children's learning, everybody is doing a fantastic job! :)

Monday 20th April Home Learning

Maths Answers 20.02.20- for self-marking

Tuesday 21st April Home learning

Maths Answers - for self-marking 21.04.20

Wednesday 22nd April Home Learning

Thursday 23rd April Home Learning

Friday 24th April Home Learning


List of activities for foundation subjects - Term 5 


Well done to everybody who competed in the times tables tournament before Easter, I can see who has joined in and I am proud of you all. Here are some of our top scorers! This time year 3 managed to win but well done to everyone who took part.



Hi Class 3, I hope you've all had another lovely week learning and having fun at home. This is the last set of home learning for this term. Thank you all for getting on so well despite some tricky circumstances- I'm sure you've all been very kind, been working hard and have had lots of fun. Have a lovely break and I'll be in touch soon! Miss Innes. :) 

Click this link for: Friday 3rd April Home Learning

Click this link for: Thursday 2nd April Maths Answers

Click this link for: Thursday 2nd April home learning

Click this link for: Maths answers Wednesday 1st April for self marking

Click this link for: Wednesday 1st April home learning

Click this link for: Tuesday 31st March Maths Answers for self marking

Click this link for: Tuesday 31st March Home Learning

Click this link for: Monday 30th March maths answers for self-marking

Week 2

 30.03.20 I hope everyone had a great weekend, have another fun-filled week! I heard about the rainbows that people are putting in their windows and was wondering if you'd like to join in. Apparently, this week it is the sunshine. It's very strange celebrating my birthday without you, I'm missing you all lots. Miss Innes :) 




Week 1 - Home Learning

26.03.20- Hope you're doing well Class 3, I'm sure you're working very hard at home and hopefully having lots of fun. I can't wait to see all and hear about all of the things you have been up to. Miss Innes :)






Class 3 had a fantastic day sharing stories. We shared biscuits in the reading cafe, went on a reading scavenger hunt in the library, dressed up and wrote super diary entries as the characters from our books.

Science- rock cycle

Today in science, we found out all about the rock cycle.  We can name the types of rock and explain how they are formed. We used starbursts to represent each stage- a very messy lesson!

Our UpBeat Music lessons are going well

We have now all had a go playing the cello, viola, violin and double bass


We have had a busy start to 2020 in class 3. Last week, in science we were learning about the fossilisation process. We made our own dinosaur fossils and then made a flow chart to show how fossils are made!

Christmas Is Forever

Play rehearsals with class 3 and 4 are in full swing. Make sure to keep practising your words at home!

Come to see the play on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!

TT Rockstars Battles

Well done to the boys who, this week, have won the battle. This week it is y3 vs y4!

Trip to Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Birmingham today. We held some rainforest creatures, learnt more about the plants and even talked to some parrots!

Writing a letter to Cadbury

We have been writing to Cadbury World to ask them to stop using palm oil in their chocolates. In topic, we learnt that palm oil is produced from palm trees and they are planted where the rainforests are meant to be. 

 Another busy week in class 3

This week in class 3, Upbeat music lessons have been in full swing, we've explored a poem through art, music and performing and also dissected a flower in science! Time for a restful weekend!

Rainforest Crafts

In art we have been leaf pressing into clay and in DT we have been learning to sew rainforest creatures! We have designed them, cut them out, used hot glue guns to add details and sewn around the edges! Next we need to stuff them and finish sewing them up!

 Pet-tember 2019

Class 3 have been very excited to meet many lovely pets this month. Thank you to all of the grown-ups who have brought them in to meet us! Thank you to all of the children for telling us about them too! Look out for more Pet-tember updates!

Year 4 Tri-Golf Winners

A big well done to our year 4 tri-golf team who returned to Ilmington with the trophy! We are very proud of your hard work!