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King Alfred or King Athelstan?
That was a question that was posed to the class this week after we looked at the lives of these two Anglo Saxon kings. It was a tricky question to answer and we had a divided class. Was the greatest king King Alfred the Great who first took on the Viking invaders or was it King Athelstan the first king of a united country? We couldn't really decide but we had good discussions.
In our English and linked to our topic of Invasion this week, we started to write poems in an Anglo Saxon style. We began by looking at Beowulf, a 3000 line poem about the prince Beowulf who fought and killed the monster Grendal and also Grendal's mother but was himself killed some years later by a fearsome dragon. This very old story has helped inspire us to write a similar poem, but maybe not of the epic lengths of that great poem.
For our maths this week we have been exploring place value, number lines, number sentences and partitioning. This has been a good start to help secure the children's knowledge of number before we move on to addition and subtraction ion the weeks to follow.
In our RE this week we began to explore what it means to be a Hindu in Britain today and started by considering where Hinduism began, when it began and who founded the religion. We discovered it began over 4000 years ago, in the Indus Valley in India and that no-one was the founder.
The class also began to explore our design and technology project for the term which is to do with food technology. This week we were looking at decaying fruit and vegetables. 
It was also great to welcome Mr Kemp back in to help us with our music this week. The children were working on their percussion skills as well as also exploring the trumpet and the fact that it was a brass instrument.
Out two Star Students this week were Finlay and Poppy. Finlay for being a consistently hard worker since our return to school and Poppy for her very descriptive and creative writing this week. Well done both of you.