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Year 1 & Year 2

Term 3

Greater than and less than

This week, Year 1 children in Bramley Class learnt about the mathematical symbols <,> and =. We began our learning by making numbers out of Numicon and talking about which number was larger and how we knew. Then we used the song below to remember how to correctly use the symbols <,> and = before putting it into practice in pairs on the carpet!

Robotics Day

Children in Bramley Class thoroughly enjoyed spending time with programable robots. They had to write code for their robot and make it avoid obstacles in its path.


Worship Wednesday 

Well done to the three children from Bramley class who read prayers during our January Worship Wednesday and thank you to the parents who attended. This term, our Christian value is courage.

Term 2


 The children in Bramley class have been working very hard to earn 1000 points each week! We now have some children who are well on their way to earning their fifth gold. I wonder whether anybody can make it to Platinum before Christmas?


Bramley sharing assembly

Thank you to all the parents (and grandparents) who attended our sharing assembly. The children did so well and were able to share what they had learnt so far in our Brilliant Britain topic! 

Printing - Che Kumar

As part of our print making unit of work in art, we spent the morning finishing our art project. We had carefully created our prints out of foam and we were now ready to cover our prints in ink, and carefully create our final prints. Next week we will be putting together our final collage in the style of Che Kumar. 

Term 1

'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden...'

As part of our science topic, we needed to observe an animal closely. We went to our forest school and collected worms and brought them back to the classroom. We placed our worms under a microscope and drew detailed diagrams of them, labelling the important structures. We were even lucky enough to find a newt in our forest school!

Weekly Class Worship

Each afternoon, before we go home, we always end the day with a class reflection. On a Tuesday we have a longer class assembly which our three class worship leaders help lead. We turn off our lights, light our electric candles and prayer tree and share a story from the bible as well as prayers written by the class. What a lovely way to end a busy day.


Classifying animals

This week we have continued our exploration of animals in Science. At the start of the lesson, we each chose a plastic animal toy and joined in with the vertabrate  song which helped us to categorise our animals into mammals, fish, reptiles, birds and amphibians. We then further explored the features of each category and placed them into groups around the room.

Naughty Bus

This week we kicked off our new class text with a game of hide and seek. Miss Livesey hid pieces of the front cover of our new book all around the classroom and we had to find all of the pieces. We then had the challenge of putting the cover back together again!

We have learnt a lot about buses this week, in particular, London double decker buses. Our fun book 'Naughty Bus' has provided us with lots of opportunities for writing.

Next week's science learning...

Over the next few week's in science lessons, we will be learning about animal classification. This song will really help your child to learn the different classifications of vertebrates. It is always a favourite with the children in Bramley class!

Counting, maps and body parts!

This week, Year 1 have been exploring numbers to ten. They have been outside and collected lots of different leaves, sticks and twigs. They had to count them accurately and then think of how they would best sort them into two different groups. For example, one group sorted leaves into smooth edged and spiky edged.  

Year 2 have been exploring numbers to 100 this week. We began by practicing reading and writing the words for each number to twenty. This was quite tricky to begin with, but a game of dominoes helped us to practice whilst having fun (see photos below).

In geography this week we focused on our understanding of the United Kingdom. Year 1 had to label each country whilst Year 2 had to label the capital cities and the surrounding bodies of water. We even recapped how to use a key.

Science began with us drawing around Tilly and labelling her outline to see if we knew the names of our body parts. Once we became experts on the human body, we moved onto exploring the body parts of various animals - beaks, fins, tails etc.

In PE, we practiced our football skills inside due to the rain. We learnt about using the side of our foot to touch the ball and Chuck taught us how to keep the ball close to our foot when dribbling. He even taught us how to shoot at the goal - Henry didn't let a single goal in when he was goalkeeper! Did you know that Chuck used to be a professional football player?

SCARF -Feelings

 Today, we welcomed in Sue from SCARF, our PSHE scheme. Sue helped us to understand our feelings with her friend Harold the giraffe.