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Quotes about our School

‘Pupils make exceptional progress socially and spiritually in a school that has a strong family ethos. Christian values and beliefs are fundamental to the success of the school, being the basis for the excellent environment in which pupils can develop and learn to their potential.’
Church Ofsted Inspection, Dr David Gentle

"We are so lucky here in Ilmington to have a primary school that is so outward looking and embraces the whole community. We are all made to feel whatever our ages that we have a stake in our village school." - Mrs Sheila Ribbans - Vice Chair - Ilmington Village Hall.
Class 4:
  • We are eco-friendly
  • We all know each other and work together
  • We're all friendly with each other
  • There's no bullying
  • We have fun
  • Coming 1st doesn't always mean you're the best
  • Children have a say
  • Everyone has an opinion
Class 3:
  • I like the school because we have fun days, e.g. sporty days and PJ day
  • Teachers are funny not like my old school
  • It's a friendly community
  • We join with other schools e.g. for music days with our twin school in Coventry
  • I like this school because we have lots of school trips not like my old school
  • The older children get on with the little ones
  • Everyone is co-operative
  • I feel the school was built for me, it's perfect!
Parents' Quotes
Before our eldest daughter Molly started school, we dithered about which school in the area to choose. We went to the annual teddy bears picnic for prospective new families at Ilmington, and were amazed by the enthusiasm and warm welcome of teachers, parents and pupils. Molly was immediately whisked away by the older children… to say they act like one big family may be a cliché, but true! We now have three very happy children doing really well at Ilmington, and shudder to think that we might have sent them anywhere else.
Gill and Steve Sutherland

I remember someone telling me about the 'Ilmington School Family' before Fin started and we thought how lovely that sounded as we handed our 'baby' over and it is certainly something we feel now he is there.
We are also very impressed with the varied range of activities they do and the amount of happy faces we see every day.
That and the cake sales are really good!

Laura and Jim Groves

We were really impressed by the interaction between children of all ages.  They look out for one another, help one another and respect one another.

Anna Lewis

Ilmington School is a very small, friendly, family-orientated school which provides a safe and secure environment for our children to thrive.

Nicola Wilson

We liked the fact that it is a small school in a beautiful rural environment.  When we first came to the school in 2001 it had (and still has) the feel of a large family and the children are obviously very happy there.

Debbie Whittaker


“It is a great joy for members of the Wednesday (over 60s) Club to welcome Ilmington school children to some of our meetings. They have delighted us with their singing, their dancing – and their drumming! On the occasion of the Jubilee celebrations they were even kind enough to show interest in our reminiscences of life in the Fifties. The children are a delight – friendly, beautifully behaved and very appreciative of our home-made cakes.”

Christine Wright, Ilmington Wednesday Club


And here’s Stephen’s words from the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens:


“We were delighted to help Class 3 create an Apple Walk around the village to celebrate Ilmington’s historic orchards. It’s been fun to run an Explorers’ Club with them and to join in the school’s “Wild Days” – bug hunting, mud sculpture, camp fires and so on. And it was a special pleasure to help provide a taste of the countryside for pupils of your twinned school from Coventry.”

Cotswold Voluntary Wardens