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Gallery 1 Wild West Summer fete
Gallery 2 Ugly Bug Ball PTA helpers
Gallery 3 Ugly Bugs hard at work!
Gallery 4 Hungry 'bugs' devour their grub
Gallery 5 Cutting the ribbon for the trim trail
Gallery 6 Christmas Fayre yummy reindeer food!
Gallery 7 Our magical Santa's grotto!
Gallery 8 Our magical Santa's grotto!
Gallery 9 Waiting for Santa to take his seat...
Gallery 10 Meeting the 'Big Man' himself!
Gallery 11 Preparing to sing to open the Fayre
Gallery 12 It's snowing!
Gallery 13 Entry to the 'Right Royal Do' - our summer fete
Gallery 14 Summer fete
Gallery 15 Summer fete
Gallery 16 Summer fete
Gallery 17 Rock shop at the Summer fete
Gallery 18 'Botte or bean' at the summer fete
Gallery 19 Crown competition summer fete
Gallery 20 Summer fete
Gallery 21 Summer fete
Gallery 22 Santa's elves are waiting...
Gallery 23 An incredible grotto once again!
Gallery 24 Winter wonderland grotto
Gallery 25 Games at the Valentine's Disco
Gallery 26 Juniors' Valentine's Disco
Gallery 27 Valentine's Disco
Gallery 28 Valentine's Disco
Gallery 29 Easter Bunny Bop
Gallery 30 Easter Bunny Bop
Gallery 31 Easter Bunny Bop
Gallery 32 Easter Bunny Bop
Gallery 33 Easter Bunny Bop
Gallery 34 Easter Bunny Bop
Gallery 35 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 36 Ugly Bug Bal
Gallery 37 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 38 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 39 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 40 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 41 Ugly Bug Bal
Gallery 42 Ugly Bug Bal
Gallery 43 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 44 Ugly Bug Ball
Gallery 45 Tourists from the Antarctic!
Gallery 46 Happy Penguins
Gallery 47 Christmas Fayre
Gallery 48 Christmas Fayre
Gallery 49 Christmas Fayre
Gallery 50 Christmas Fayre
Gallery 51 Christmas Fayre
Gallery 52 Christmas Fayre
Gallery 53 Christmas Fayre