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Our final day of Wonder Week

For our final day of Wonder Week we have been very busy in Class 1.


First thing this morning we took screwdrivers to a variety of everyday household items, including kettles, toasters and plugs. We spent an hour and a half carefully taking them apart - it was fantastic fun! We learned that screws will only unscrew one way and that there are different types of screws and screwdrivers. We also learned that it is not okay to do this unless the item is unplugged and we have asked for permission first!


For the second part of our morning, Joe Lewis and his Mum, Anna, came in to talk to us about rainforests. Joe and his family have been to many different rainforests around the world. They showed us lots of photos and described what it was like in a rainforest. We learned about the animals and people that live there, the weather, the trees and plants and lots of other things including the noises that can be heard in the rainforest and why it is important to wear long trousers and long sleeved tops. A small group of us then showed Anna our rainforest in the role play room and tried to make some rainforest sounds using the instruments.


This afternoon we wondered about bubbles and had a fun time making our own bubble wands. We found out that it didn't matter what shape our bubble wands were - the bubbles were always spheres!


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