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Extra Curricular Activities

You can see from our pictures that there are numerous clubs offered at Ilmington Primary School. Teachers organise a club for children from the end of September through to the end of the Spring term and there are also external providers who offer clubs in our school. There are several from which to choose: Floorball, Football, Netball, Cross-country running, Orchestra, Cookery Club, The Great Scrapheap Challenge Club, 'Kartouche' Club and Latin Club. The children often help us to decide which ones to offer. A local Art teacher has also run an Art Club in school for both Infant and Junior children this past year and the art work the children have produced has been fabulous. On Fridays we have FAST (Friday After School Time) led by members of the church. Children can also learn to play a musical instrument. We currently have keyboards and violin. Other clubs planned are Debating Cub and Ukelele Club.