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During their time at Ilmington every child will...

During their time at Ilmington CE Primary School every child will:
  • become an active learner and achieve their very best
  • learn about Christian values
  • visit places of worship, other than a C of E church
  • be actively encouraged to drink water throughout the day
  • learn about ways to keep healthy including healthy eating
  • experience live music and be part of the school choir
  • take part in a public performance each year
  • experience eco activities and learn to recycle and reduce waste
  • visit a theatre to watch a live performance
  • participate in at least 5 different sports and have the opportunity to play competitively against other schools teams
  • learn to keep safe
  • learn basic first aid
  • learn basic cooking skills
  • learn basic road safety
  • have the opportunity to take part in a variety of after school clubs
  • learn to play an instrument
  • take part in Forest School activities
  • take part in a residential and other visits
  • be offered the opportunity to take part in cycling proficiency
  • engage in community activities
  • learn about different cultures and the rudiments of a modern foreign language
  • learn to swim
  • take part in raising money for charity