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Class 4

Baking Day Gem Treat 


What an exciting day ! Class 4 have been working hard and earning gems as a result. They managed to fill their gem jar at the end of last term and decided that they would like to have a baking day as their gem treat. The children had to convince Mrs Ryninks and Ms Noon that a baking day would be educationally beneficial. They wrote persuasive speeches and performed them. The result was a yes ! The children researched biscuit recipes and wrote their own instruction texts to use on the day. They worked out how much their biscuits will cost to make, using the supermarkets' websites, and they worked out how much of each ingredient they would need if they were to make the recipe for double the amount of people.


The biscuits were a great success and it is fair to say that a fantastic day was had by all ! For a look at the photos from our baking day, click here. 


Anglo-Saxon DT Update...


The children have been working extremely hard on their anglo-saxon dwellings in recent weeks. Mrs Mason has been sharing her expertise with us and, as a result, the children have created some incredible structures. The children have learned so much about how the saxons lived as well as the skills required for making a solid structure to a brief! We are looking forward to displaying these for all of the parents to see at our upcoming parents' evenings on Wednesday 14th November and Thursday 15th November. 


Anglo-Saxon DT 


Today we started our new DT project. Mrs Mason came in to help us to get started on designing and constructing our anglo-saxon settlement. We have completed lots of research into what the dwellings would have looked like. We have created plans which incorporate our new knowledge. Then we thought about what materials we would use to make our dwellings look realistic as well as to make them strong. We have also decided what sort of dwelling we will be making (pottery huts, family homes, smiths' homes, farmers' homes, woodcutters' homes, shoemakers' homes, the chief's house and the jewellery maker's home.) 



Curriculum Meetings

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Curriculum Meetings on Monday. This welcome meeting outlined the learning in Class 4, homework and general information. If you were unable to attend, information will be coming home with your child today (11.09.18). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


At the meeting, some parents requested our Calculation Policy so that they can easily help their children with their maths homework. This outlines the methods that we use in school for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and other helpful information. Click here to view it. 


Welcome to Class 4! We have had a fantastic first day getting used to being in our new year groups! 


On our moving up day, we decided on our class motto which is

'having fun on our learning journey' 

Here we are!

For more information about what we will be learning about this term, please click here

For more information about Class 4 and how we work, including homework and our timetable, click here