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Class 4

Wonder Week

Class 4 have had a such an exciting 'Wonder Week' with opportunities to ponder and explore. We greatly enjoyed our visit to The British Motor Museum (take a look at the news page for the story and photos!) and today we have had a visit from Nao. Nao is a humanoid robot. We learned about programming and wrote our own algorithms to program the robots that we had made out of Lego! We used an app on the iPads to control the robot remotely. What an exciting day ! 

Class 4’s Gem Treat


Once again, Class 4 filled their gem jar and so they had earned a gem treat. Miss West decided that it would be great fun to have a baking day! However, as this would mean a day spent off time table, the children had to persuade Mrs Ryninks that this was a worthwhile idea. They all wrote letters to Mrs Ryninks to convince her. On Monday, a reply was received and we were given the go-ahead!


The children researched their chosen recipes in groups and wrote a set of instructions for their recipes. They planned out their timetable for the day so that they would have enough time for each step. It was important that they worked out how much their ingredients would cost and how much their bread would cost per portion. Then it was time to bake! The children worked fantastically in their groups to produce their chosen type of bread- we had focaccia, French baguettes, raisin bread, olive bread, cranberry loaf, Mediterranean sundried tomato and olive loaf, bread sticks, chilli and cheese bread and brioche. The smell of freshly baking bread was wafting through the school- everyone was feeling envious! By the end of the day, everyone had made incredible bread and they had learned so much along the way. Of course the best part was the taste test! Well done, Class 4.


We are storytellers!

Today we have been enjoying drama activities surrounding our story of Icarus. We stepped the story out and came up with actions to help us to remember each step. We had a chance to hot seat with Icarus and Daedalus. Well done to the confident people who stepped into the shoes of the characters and answered our questions!

Miia thinks that storytelling is very good for your learning and it helps you to learn new words.

Ed thinks that storytelling is fun and exciting because you get to learn new stories with different themes.

Sonny thinks that storytelling is good because it helps you with your own stories because you can take parts and ideas from the stories that you've learned.


We are storytellers!

Storytelling Week has kicked off spectacularly in Class 4. We have found that stories are not only fun but they also help us improve lots of skills including writing, listening, drama and confidence. In Class 4 we are learning the story of Icarus. Miss Angus taught us the story and we used different techniques to embed it. Here we are drawing our story maps.

Well done to Jensen, Megan and Rhys who led our Storytelling collective worship as well as the Year 6 children who told the story of Little Charlie to the rest of the school.


Happy new year! 


Welcome back everyone. We hope you have had a lovely rest over the Christmas holidays. Click here to have a look at our Spring Term overview. 

Class 4 have been playing Tchoukball.

Fractions with Smarties

Class 4 have been learning all about fractions using Smarties! We worked out what fraction of the Smarties were blue, pink, brown, green, orange, purple, red or yellow. We simplified the fractions. We worked out what percentage of the Smarties were each colour and much more. 

What a tasty maths lesson! 

Cucumber Fractions

We have been reminding ourselves about how fractions work. We were challenged with the task of cutting cucumbers equally into certain fractions. 


We have had a very exciting week playing croquet! Thank you once again to Fred and his family for letting us use their set. We have been learning how to write explanation texts this week. We learned about film making and created videos explaining how to play a game of croquet. 


Click here to watch our videos. 

What a windy day for a game of croquet!

Thank you to Fred and his family who were kind enough to let us use their croquet set this week. We have been learning how to play the game as a part of our Alice in Wonderland topic. This will feed into our writing later on.


Children In Need

It's Crazy Hair Day at Ilmington School!

Visiting Cadbury's World

What a fantastic day we have had at Cadbury’s World! The children enjoyed learning about the Mayans and the history of chocolate from the exhibitions as well as attending a workshop with experts from Cadbury’s World. In addition to this, the children learned about the history of the company and the process of making chocolate. They found out how chocolate is advertised and how this has changed over the years- do you remember the drumming gorilla? We hope that the children liked their first gem treat of the year and thank you to all of our lovely parent helpers !



Our Reflection Area


In Class 4, our focus value is service. We have been talking about what this means and how Class 4 work on this value throughout the year. To celebrate this, we have decorated our Reflection Corner by making our own stained glass windows! We have worked very hard, using our painting skills. 

Take a look at the finished piece!



Welcome back Class 4!

Please click here to view the Class 4 Parent Handbook. This was sent home on Tuesday and includes important information about our learning for the year. 


Please scroll down to see other useful documents, including our overview for the year. 


We have been having a fantastic first week back. Class 4 have settled in well to their new year groups and the hard work has begun! This week's highlights so far have included starting our novel for this term (Journey To The River Sea) and designing stained glass windows for our Reflection Corner. Photos to follow!


Look at our smiling faces!