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Class 3

On Tuesday 3rd July, Class 3 went on an amazing trip to Tudor World in Stratford - upon – Avon! They had a great time meeting different people dressed up like they live in the Tudor time. They did some role play and activities with Tudor Jack! After that, they had a look around an ancient Tudor museum where Class 3 learnt a lot. They really enjoyed the first half of the day!

After their lunch, they went around Stratford with Shakespeare. He showed them where he lived, where his grave was and where he used to go to school! It was a boiling hot day, so everyone brought their drinks with them. When they got to the graveyard, Shakespeare told the children a creepy story about a lady and her daughter. At the end of the day, Class 3 went back to the coach and had to say goodbye to Tudor World.


Class 3 had a great time at Tudor World and we hope that you and your family visit Tudor World too.


Written by James and Clementine

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Spring Term 

British Motor Museum Trip 2018

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Class 3 performance to parents


Class 3 put on a fantastic performance to family members after weeks of rehearsal. Thankyou to all who attended and a huge well done to Class 3!

Enjoy the video!

Performance video

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Class 3 are playwrights!


This week Class 3 have been studying Jack and the Beanstalk and have learnt how to turn a familiar story into a play. They have focused on including stage directions in brackets, descriptions of what is on the stage for each scene and remembering not to include speech marks. Today children have worked in small groups to act out their plays using finger puppets. They then used iPads to film their production. Here are the first few scenes of the play! 

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To be continued ...

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Termly letter


Click on the link below to download this term's letter outlining the curriculum being taught this term in Class 3.

Instrumental lessons continued...


Children in Class 3 are continuing to learn the violin or cello in preparation for a concert in Stratford upon Avon in March. We will let parents know exact details once we have our official invite.

Here are some fantastic photos of the children's first lesson following the Christmas break.


Numbers 1 - 10 song in Mandarin Chinese


Class 3 have been learning about the Shang Dynasty and have learnt the numbers 1 - 10 in Mandarin Chinese. We then learnt a children's song in Chinese - we hope you like it!

Numbers 1 - 10 Chinese song

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Autumn Term

Music Lessons 


Class 3 continue to enjoy their music lessons each week. They are now learning to play along with a song they sang a few weeks ago (see video below)

Class 3 in action!

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Birmingham Botanical Gardens 


Class 3 had a wonderful time on their school trip to the botanical gardens. Thank you to the super parents who came with us - we couldn't have done a trip like this without your help! 


Art and Craft Club


Some of the children in Class 3 have been attending art and craft club. Click on the link to see our wonderful work each week!

Harvest Samba

Children in Class 3 need to learn the lyrics to Harvest Samba ready for the Harvest assembly.

Music lessons arrive in class 3!


Class 3 have been enjoying their weekly music lessons. Last week the children learnt all about the violin and learnt to name each part. This week they worked in groups to perform a fantastic song!

A song performed by children in class 3!

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Class 3's golfing afternoon!


Class 3 enjoyed their golf lesson today! Eight children will be selected to play in a golf competition in the next few weeks.

Class 3 golf lesson