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Class 3

Writing To The Queen!


In the Spring term, the children in Class 3 wrote letters to The Queen to tell her about their learning surrounding their topic 'Reign Over Us'. They were thrilled to receive a reply in the post this week!

Here is the letter:

We were very excited!

Egyptian Day

Class 3 have had a fantastic day full of Egyptian art! Here is what Class 3 had to say...


Today in Class 3, we had an Egyptian Day! Firstly, we learned about what canopic jars were used for and what they looked like. Canopic jars were used for storing the major organs of people when they died. The clay jars each had the head of a different son of the god Horus on top. One has a baboon called Hapi who protected the lungs; another had the falcon called Qebehnsenuf who protected the intestines; Duamatef the jackal guarded the stomach and Imsety the human guarded the liver.


To make our jars, we used clay to roll a sphere and squashed it to make a shape a bit like a small crumpet. Then we made five sausages that were about 15cms long. We used these sausages to put around the round shape and build up the walls of the jars. We had to be careful as the clay was delicate but we also had to work fast because the clay dried out. We smoothed the walls out. When we had made the bottom part of the jar, we moved on to the lid. We used the same techniques to make a slightly smaller version of the bottom of the jar. Then we decided which type of jar we would like to make. To make the animal heads, we imagined which shapes they were made up of. We used small tools to add the details onto the faces of the creatures.



Making mummies!

Class 3 have been learning about the ancient Egyptians and they had an exciting lesson today, finding out about mummification! Firstly, they had to work out how each ingredient was used in the process. They had water, linen, salt, oil, sawdust, straw. Then Class 3 used their knowledge to mummify an apple! They used apples, oil, water and some natron salt that they had made. They realised how many steps the process of mummifying really has! We made our natron salt before washing our apples and drawing faces on them. Next we made sure that our apples were preserved by covering them with the salt to draw out the moisture. We just need to wait a week to see what happens to them!


Year 4's Visit to Coventry


On Friday, the Year 4 children enjoyed their visit to Coventry to meet their buddies and to find out what it was like to live there. We visited the Herbert Art Gallery, the Motor Museum and the cathedral. 


Coventry Buddies

The Year 4 children have been getting to know their buddies from All Saints C of E Primary School in Coventry. As our schools are Cross of Nails schools, it is a long-standing tradition that the children from both schools have the opportunity to work together on the themes of peace and reconciliation. They will spend time visiting each other's schools and comparing the two locations. The Year 4 children have written letters to their buddies and they were excited to receive letters in return! 

Exciting Electricity! 

The children in Class 3 have been finding out about electricity. They have found out about some types of electricity and some appliances that need electricity to work. They have also found out about complete circuits and they have had a go at making some! 


Class 3's Presentations.

We have been learning about how sometimes changes in the environment can pose dangers to living things. We researched, planned, created Powerpoints and delivered presentations. 

National Poetry Day 

We have been celebrating National Poetry Day by writing kennings poems linked to our topic.


Click here to watch some members of Class 3 read their poems. Can you work out which famous monarch they are describing?



Class 3 have been learning drawing and water colour skills. They have produced some fantastic portraits of British monarchs.

Click here to have a look at their wonderful work! 

Class 3 have continued to enjoy magical maths this week through playing their maths games that they made as their homework challenge. 


Magic of Maths Week- Written by the children of Class 3.

This week is Magic of Maths Week at Ilmington C of E Primary School! Class 3 were the first class to do the Maths Trail round the village. Firstly, we went to the church and answered some questions. We had to find out how many people we could fit on a pew and use this to work out how many could be seated in the whole church. Alex learned that there are some really old gravestones! He found the oldest date he could find and the most recent date and worked out the difference between the two. We had to see how many grave stones there were in the grave yard. We also looked at a floor plan of the church to find the lines of symmetry. 


Then we went to the Howard Arms. We looked at the menu and worked out what the cheapest three course meal would be and what the most expensive three course meal would be. Then we found out the difference between the two. After that, we walked back to school and we looked at some Maths Stops in the play ground. 


James said that he had a great morning walking and learning from Maths questions. Ed improved his times tables knowledge when working out his answers. Lily found that the Maths Trail helped her with working out the answers to word problems. Luke was surprised at how good the morning was! Ella thought it was an excellent day because she got to do Maths in other subjects. 


See the photos from our fantastic morning below. We are looking forward to finding out what the rest of our magical week will bring! 

World Book Day

Here we are all dressed up!

Have you seen our fantastic new Spotlight on the Romans display? Take a peek next time you are in the hall!


Click here to watch the video of our Roman Day !


Our day with the Roman legionary. Written by Class 3.

On Wednesday, because Class 3's topic is Roman Rule, a Roman soldier come in to our school. We have been working very hard, making good choices and fortunately, we filled our Gem Jar so this was our Gem Treat.

We sat in a circle to make an amphitheatre. We pretended to be animals and gladiators and we learnt about what the Romans did for entertainment. Poor Ben was the man who had to feed the dog, the lion, the monkey, the bull and the tiger. 

We found out about where the Roman Empire was and who lived there before the Romans. We used drama to find out about important people such as Queen Boudicca and her family. We tried on the clothes that the Roman army wore into battle. Lilia was a British farmer who was sent into battle in her every day clothes with no armour! Joe wore some heavy armour and Sonny said that it was so heavy that it made him feel like his arms would fall off! 

 In the afternoon, we went outside to pretend we were in the Roman army. We learnt some Latin commands and we practised the wedge formation, which split other soldiers into smaller groups, and the testudo which looked like a turtle with a shell! When we were in the testudo formation, we were attacked with beanbags and we had to see if we were working as a team and protecting our friends.

We had such a great day that we would like to do it all again! We were learning so much without even realising because we were having so much fun! Jack C said that it was his favourite Gem Treat so far! Joe said that it really helped with his topic learning. Ed learnt that the Romans brought rabbits to England for the first time. 


Click here to see more photographs of our day with the Roman legionary.

Check back soon for the video of our day!

Have you seen the display of all of our Stone Age work in the hall? Here is a sneak peek!


Coming Home

Through our learning about Michael Morpurgo's Coming Home, we studied lots of aspects of the book. We then wrote our own versions of the story. We have been learning how to successfully read aloud to an audience so we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to have a go! We were inspired by a video that we watched of Michael Morpurgo reading his story aloud. We recorded ourselves reading our stories and Miss West put parts of them together to make one video. 

Click here to watch our video!

Well done to Class 3 for a wonderful term. We have worked extremely hard this last week, preparing for Christmas. The week was topped off with a visit from the big man himself! Father Christmas came to visit us. He stayed for a chat and answered some of our burning questions. We had the chance to tell him what we would like for Christmas and he even gave us an early present! 

We rounded off our day by finishing opening the envelopes on our advent calendar. It was lovely to read all of the Christmas wishes and prayers that we had written.

We rounded off our learning about Michael Morpurgo's Coming Home by improving our skills in reading to an audience. We have written our own wonderful stories that are inspired by Coming Home. We read these to our class mates and recorded them. Watch this space for more news about this!

Christmas Dinner

We have had a lovely Christmas dinner today! Thank you to Mrs Turner and her team for making us such a delicious lunch.

Primary School Christmas Musical

What a fantastic week we had performing Primary School Christmas Musical. The staff are all very proud of how hard the children have worked. Thank you to all of the families and friends who came to watch us!


We are busy preparing for Christmas in Class 3! Our Christmas decorations are up and we have been making Christmas cards. There are no photos of our finished work (we don't want to spoil the surprise) but here we are, hard at work.


This week, we have been learning about the story 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo. You might recognise it from somewhere! We have drawn some story maps to help us to remember the story. We chose the most significant lines. 

We have been putting ourselves into the characters' shoes and imagining how they would have been feeling. What a brave little robin! 


Cave Paintings

We have been learning about the Cueva De Los Manos in Argentina.

Click here to see our cave paintings! 


Our advent calendar is up in Class 3! This year we have written prayers for each day so that we will be able to read them in our reflection time at the end of the day. We are looking forward to December 1st!

Stone Age Jewellery

This week in Class 3 we have been learning about stone age jewellery. We learned about what the jewellery was made from and we thought about what this told us about the people who wore it. Then we had a go at making our own stone age jewellery! We looked very carefully at the stone age jewellery so that we could try to make the same shapes and sizes. 

Click here to see the photos of us wearing our finished Stone Age jewellery. 

Here are some photos of us in action! 

Finley carefully made a hole so that he could thread the string through later.


Cave Paintings

Class 3 have been learning about the art that stone age people created. We have been trying to build up our knowledge of what life was like in the stone age. We looked at some photographs of some amazing cave paintings and decided to have a go at creating our own ! 

Remembrance Poppies

We have been learning about remembrance and what it means. As we have been learning about instruction texts, this was the perfect opportunity to see how a set of instructions works! We had to carefully follow the set of instructions to make a poppy. We found out that instructions have to be precise and clear so that people know what to do. We are now writing our own instructions for other people to follow. 


Survival Day

The video of our Survival Day is now up on the videos section of the website. Click here to see what we got up to!