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Class 1

Magical Maths Week


We began Magical Maths Week in Class 1 with a number investigation: What can you do with 7 and 3? The children thought up some great ideas which involved addition, subtraction, counting, drawing pictures, finding the numerals 7 and 3 around the classroom and even hopping and jumping.


On Tuesday, we gave each other directions to get to specific places around the classroom and our outdoor area. From this we learned that it was important to give clear directions and know left from right.


Wednesday was a full and exciting day! We began with a shape investigation where we had to look carefully at pieces of shapes and make decisions on what those shapes might be based on the sides and corners that we could see. The afternoon sped past with an architectural workshop in which we began by making triangles with sticks and elastic bands and ended up with huge pyramids we could sit inside.


On Thursday, we all went on a number hunt. We were going to find a big one. It was a beautiful day! We weren't scared. Our hunt took us up the road, through the churchyard, to the shop and past the pub, calling in at the postbox on the way past. We found lots of numbers in all sorts of places and, before returning to school, we did find a big one!


Our week came to an end with a Doodlebug workshop. This involved listening very carefully to instructions, involving shape and measurement, in order for everyone to complete their own drawing of Gromit. The finished pictures were truly amazing!


Throughout the week, we also enjoyed investigating our Magical Maths Week Challenge Bags. Each bag contained something mathematical to play with, look at or with which to invent something new to do. The contents of the bags changed daily and were such a hit with the children that they may become a permanent feature within the classroom!




Gallery 1 Meet Muddy the Snail!
Gallery 2 Muddy has grown.
Gallery 3 We are very gentle with Muddy.