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A Roman legionary visits Class 3.

On Friday 6th February, the children in Class 3 were visited by a ‘Roman legionary.’  They learned about the rise of the Roman Empire and the history of the Roman invasion through storytelling and artefacts. The children especially enjoyed dressing up and handling the armoury. In contrast, the children also learned about Boudicca’s revolt and her subsequent demise. They found out about the harsh realities of Roman life, as well as the more sophisticated aspects of their lifestyle.

In the afternoon, to their great amusement, the children learned to march to instructions in Latin! They experienced first hand the Tortoise fighting formation which was so effective in making the Romans a successful fighting machine.

Later, the children learned about Roman entertainment which featured rather gruesome battles to the death! Interestingly, they also learned about the misconceptions associated with gladiator fights which derive from Hollywood reconstructions.  

In short, the children had a wonderful day experiencing first hand many aspects of Roman life and we are sure it will be something they will remember for a long time.
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